Telecommunications Market in Central Europe 2012


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/01/2012 -- CE Telecommunications offers solid growth opportunities in 2012
Demand for services, infrastructure ensure expansion to 2017

The telecommunications markets in Central Europe are less developed than those of their Western European neighbors, and thus offer plenty of opportunity for service providers and investors. Demand for mobile broadband, xDSL, CaTV, WiMAX and FTTH networks combined with large areas of underserved potential customers offer businesses a recession-proof option for expansion and revenue generation.

Telecommunications markets in the countries of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia are ready to support this growth, and Telecommunications market in Central Europe, Development forecasts for 2012-2017, PMR’s report documenting recent and current industry activity and offering forecasts for the next five years, provides the guidance businesses need to find their niche in this quickly changing market. Construction enterprises are also interested in CE telecommunications, as the demands are great in terms of needed infrastructure development and renovation.

This concise yet comprehensive report features data, analysis and forecasts for the telecommunications sectors in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. It analyses the most prolific segments – fixed-line and mobile telephony, data transmission and Internet access services and provides extensive data on subscribers, traffic, and market value. Commonly accepted industry indicators are used to evaluate market conditions, such as ARPU, MoU, SAC, CAPEX, and churn. Precise forecasts are presented for each segment, detailing specific areas of market potential and the growth paths and results that are likely over the next five years.

Six chapters cover conditions across the CE region – one dedicated to each of the covered countries. An seventh chapter consolidates the report’s content by engaging in comparative analysis, elaborating on current and predicted trends and their resulting effects on market conditions. The entire report has been prepared using a consistent methodology designed to enable accurate benchmarking.

The report discusses current levels of telecommunications infrastructure in each country as well as planned additions and improvements. It reveals the most promising investment options, high potential segments and the countries in which extensive development in these markets is projected. Profiles of the most influential telecommunications operators, including financial details, provide the basis for accurate and complete competition analysis.
Prepared with the needs of marketing and management executives of CE telecommunications companies in mind, this publication is also well suited to foreign companies assessing the possibilities for market entry, ICT vendors, financial, investment and consulting firms and for the research based activities of clients such as government and educational institutions.

Telecommunications market in Central Europe, Development forecasts for 2012-2017 contains all the necessary information for business activities such as assessment of possible mergers and acquisitions, estimation of potential earnings and location of investments and possible new business opportunities. The report is an essential resource in the strategic planning process for enterprises operating in any segment of the market as well as suppliers of products used in telecommunications functions.

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Table of Contents

I. Methodology p. 15
II. Overview of the telecommunications market in Central and Eastern Europe p. 21
III. Telecommunications market in Bulgaria p. 53
IV. Telecommunications market in the Czech Republic p. 103
V. Telecommunications market in Hungary p. 147
VI. Telecommunications market in Poland p. 205
VII. Telecommunications market in Romania p. 251
VIII. Telecommunications market in Slovakia p. 317
IX. List of graphs p. 365
X. List of tables p. 377
XI. About PMR p. 383
XII. Contact PMR p. 384

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