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Tennis Elbow Pain Relief - the Solution They Are Not Telling You

New Product Launch Uncovers Unknown Secrets About Aloe Pain Relief for Tennis Elbow.


Kinnelon, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/17/2014 -- Total Health announced today their release of a revolutionary pain relief cream containing 70% Aloe Vera as a healing agent, among the highest in the marketplace. Advantage Pain Relief is 100% natural, toxin-free pain relief cream containing six different homeopathic ingredients that work with the Aloe Vera to actually heal and repair damaged tissue and provide long-lasting recovery to tennis elbow pain.

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Tennis elbow pain is commonly associated with the activity of tennis playing, but is not the only cause for the pain occurring in the elbow. Overuse or damage to the tendons caused by repetitive tasks, twisting of the arm or even a blunt injury to the elbow can lead to tennis elbow pain. Many people will experience tennis elbow pain without ever having lifted a tennis racket. Tennis elbow pain is sometimes treated by resting the arm, avoiding overuse, taking over-the-counter pain relievers, topical gels, wearing a brace to prevent pressure on the tendon or even administering cortisone injections.

The soothing, long-lasting and nearly instantaneous tennis elbow pain relief differentiates Advantage Pain Relief from all other non-prescription topical treatments in the marketplace. Advantage Pain Relief works by directly delivering powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients via microscopic envelopes called liposomes to the cells in the deep tissue where they reinforce and strengthen cells. As the cells are repaired, they are now better able to resist further damage caused by the rupturing of the tendon. Double-blind testing of both men and women has shown improved range of motion and reduced pain. Continued application for tennis elbow pain relief shows additional improvement of motion and mobility.

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Advantage Pain Relief combines a strong mix of all natural ingredients: Camphor, Menthol, and Methyl Salicylate. This combination serves a powerful punch, while soothing the skin, to those who suffer from tennis elbow pain. With nothing but natural ingredients, and the highest amount of Aloe Vera, your skin will feel moisturized and smooth after application. No grease, no slip, no rub-off.

Total Health offers its unique tennis elbow pain relief cream as a much more viable option for tennis elbow pain relief, as a topical pain management solution which can be started at home right away. Recommended by health care professionals and world-class athletes, this all-natural pain cream is also the only cream offered in a three ounce jar, making it very convenient for airport travelers.

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