Terahertz Systems Upgraded with Fiber Optics Technology

By incorporating fiber optic technology in their THz systems, TeTechs is poised to provide the world's most competitive terahertz imaging to industries.


Waterloo, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2014 -- Competition amongst terahertz technology companies continues to be steep especially as increasing demands are being placed on suppliers. Traditionally, THz technology recieves most requests from the manufacturing and medical industries located all over the world.

TeTechS a Waterloo-based company saw this as an advantage and steps up their terahertz imaging manufacturing quality control and other Thz systems to make it more relevant to today’s industries. The TeTechS Rigel1550 is currently one of the most competitive brands in the market, with its fiber coupled movable transmitter and receiver heads.

“We specifically designed the transmitters to be portable, as we recognize that there are circumstances when it is not possible to bring in the actual sample test inside the spectrometer head,” says Dr. Daryoosh Saeedkia, Founder and CEO of TeTechS.

The distance between the receiver heads and the transmitter can be attuned to create working space needed for different measurement settings. Incorporating fiber optics technology in the company’s THz imaging and sensory technology enabled this flexibility and mobility of the technology. However, Saeedkia emphasized that no performance is compromised even when the transmitters are used remotely.

"We take pride in the robust performance of our terahertz imaging manufacturing quality control system, which has serviced industries all over the world. The fiber optic technology only makes Rigel 1550 more adaptive to different imaging set-ups, something that has never been done by other imaging competitors," says Saeedkia.

Rigel 1550 is a terahertz spectrometer technology currently being marketed under TeTechS Inc. Proving undefeated value to industries, medical institutions, and security offices, the company equipped their terahertz technology with a 1550 nm femto-second, a fiber laser beam distribution chassis with a fast and slow scan modules, lock-in low-noise amplifiers, and a controlling and operation software. All these comprise a THz technology with its own fiber coupled sensors.

This recent innovation addresses the usual limitations of traditional THz antenna, which sometimes takes longer excitation time when in a free space optical setting. "We made sure to focus the optical beam on Rigel 1550's THz antenna, where the fiber-coupled sensors are located. This way, it works faster in almost any set-up," explains Saeedkia.

About TeTechS
TeTechS.com is a terahertz technology company that specializes in developing terahertz sensor and imaging systems fit for industrial and scientific applications. Among the technological features they offer are industrial automation, plastic sorting for e-waste management, and scientific or medical applications.