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Tesla: The Californian Start-Up That Made Head Way on the Automotive Giants


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/20/2014 -- The Tesla Motors company is a producer of automobiles with unique qualities and it is a company with a vision to change the automotive industry completely. Their vehicles are entirely battery powered, producing no emissions. This in itself is not new, but what is a radical change is that Tesla has been able to produce a battery which can completely outperform traditional batteries.

Features and benefits
- Learn just rapidly Tesla's share price has grown and who are some of the major investors in the company, including information on the charismatic CEO.
- Learn what technology Tesla possess' that the automotive giants don't. How much sales success has the company had.
- Examine whether an electric vehicle from Tesla compares with a similar petrol powered vehicle.
- Information on what the result of the car fires have been and how much damage to the company has been done.
- Examining how likely the company is to continue to be successful.

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Tesla technology is completely revolutionary, using lithium ion batteries to achieve remarkable efficiency and performance figures that the competition is currently unable to match. The company envisions its super charger stations replacing petrol stations internationally as customers in Teslas can charge their batteries quickly.
The company currently produces one vehicle, the Model-S, which is a sedan shaped car, entirely battery powered, which is able to cover significantly larger distances than battery powered vehicles have before and produce significant performance.
The company is still in its formative years, but with some excellent sales figures internationally, is beginning to turn its first profit and the share price of the company has sky rocketed. 2013 is expected to prove to be a profitable year for the company and should signify the company moving out of its start up status into a major competitor.

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Your key questions answered
- Why has Tesla been one of the hottest traded stocks of 2013 and Why has its share price sky rocketed and then gone stale?
- What is Tesla doing that has allowed it to gain such an advantage over the automotive giants?
- Do the recent fires in Tesla vehicles represent a major problem for the company?
- Is the type of electric vehicle, like Tesla produces, likely to be the model for green vehicles in the future or are there flaws in the model?
- Is the company likely to survive against the automotive giants once they begin to catch up?

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