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The #1 Health Risk in America Today Revealed - You Will Be Shocked

It's in front of us every day and constantly advertised all around us. In fact, a large part of advertising is focused on kids and considering the severity of this health threat, it is extremely disturbing and is broken down here for you to understand how to reduce it for you and your family.


Gilbert, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2014 -- Recent health related studies have come out stating that the #1 health threat in the US today is Sugar. Yes, Sugar is the biggest health concern stated Island's Miracle media rep Mr. Michael York. Here he explains more.

Mr. Michael York, the media consultant for Island's Miracle started by describing that sweet cravings are very similar to being addicted to a drug and are the worst! For the last decade many "sugar free" products have come onto the market. Some of the biggest names in the candy industry carry the "sugar free" labels on their products. For diabetics and dieters alike, this has all been very exciting. Michael said everyone thinks...Finally, a sweet treat that is allowable.

Unfortunately, though, Mr. York said as the products have hit the market, doctors and nutritionists have been studying the backlash of these treats. Further research has found that most of the products have either sugar alcohols or fake sugars. Both of which can have negative effects on blood sugars and diets according to medical professionals.

Mr. York went on to say that artificial sweeteners are just that: artificial. The latest buzz among dieticians is whole foods. No more processed or artificial anything. Everything that goes into your body should have nutritional value and actually count. That means cutting out anything that does not promote your health positively. Many nutritionists say that artificial sweeteners are not just empty in nutrition, they may be harmful, as well. According to A popular TV Dr. on his television show, artificial sweeteners can actually cause weight gain, become addicting, and induce diabetes. In medical circles the question of cancer and brain deterioration due to artificial sweeteners is still very heavily debated.

Information we found in medical journals stated that sugar alcohol is often a hidden sugar in many foods. Common names for sugar alcohols are: maltitol, sorbitol, isomalt, and xylitol. Mr. York said very firmly that many people, even if they read the labels, do not know the common or uncommon names given to sugar alcohols. So when something is labeled "sugar fee", it is imperative to check the labels, and if something is unfamiliar, Mr. York said he highly recommends looking it up.

So upon further researching Sugar alcohols, Mr York found that they are used in lieu of artificial sweeteners because sugar alcohols supposedly satisfy the sweet cravings without causing an insulin surge or a blood glucose dip. However, sugar is sugar and both side effects can and do happen quite frequently. In addition, sugar alcohol is considered low calorie or even sugar free because not all of the sugar alcohol gets digested and absorbed. That means less calories are digested, thus making it a "diet" product. Mr. York, the media consultant for Island's Miracle said however, sugar alcohol is still tricking the body and can raise glucose levels. A prominate Dr at a clinic we visited said it can also cause digestive issues which can be painful, inconvenient, and embarrassing.

Seen almost everywhere in the media these days the newest craze is Yacon Syrup. Mr. York said some reported benefits of 100% Pure Yacon Syrup are that it does not raise blood sugar and it can actually induce weight loss. Speaking to Island's Miracle spokesperson Michael York, brought some insight into actual customer usage of the product. Mr. York states that his customers have been extremely happy with the Yacon Syrup Amazon thus far. Customers say it tastes like caramel or molasses. Michael goes on to say that many of his customers are indeed diabetic. "The diabetic community is raving over this product because it is finally a sweetener that diabetics can safely enjoy", says Mr. York.

So after my interview with Mr York from Island's Miracle I concluded that if Organic Yacon Syrup is all that it is built up to be, it could be the very first sweetener that is all-natural, safe, and according to many customer reviews, very tasty. Nutritional companies have been waiting a long time to find such a product. Other food companies have spent billions on research and development trying to find a suitable dietary sweetener. Mr. York stated throughout the interview that if Yacon Syrup is the product they have all been looking for, plan on seeing a lot more of it in stores soon.

Currently, upon researching the availability of the product, the demand for Yacon Syrup seems to be very high and can be difficult hard to come by. Mr. York From %PR_LINK2% Stated that you can %PR_LINK% on Amazon. It is not available in stores like Sprouts or Whole Foods, yet. For now, at least, it is available online and gaining popularity as the sugar sensitive populations are just starting to learn of this new product. He said just go to Amazon and search Island's Miracle Yacon Syrup. He also warned to NOT fall for the claims of some other fake products, even on Amazon. Mr York said check the reviews, look at the ingredients, and you will find Island's Miracle brand stands out on it's own. To make it easier, Mr. York also gave us a link where you can just click from here:

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