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The 2015 Must Have Apps and Products for Marijuana Consumers

The Medtainer Grinder Is One Of The Top Products For 2015


Rochester, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/04/2015 --The 2015 Must Have Apps And Products For Marijuana Consumers featuring Acology Inc.'s Medtainer.

We hear terms in business in regards to product efficiency like "ease of use" and for products like apps or devices in particular, this has become the standard for customer satisfaction. Consumers tend to gage their overall utility for products by this standard and rate products on how easily the widget fills a perceived need that they have at that moment. Notice that I used 'perceived' when referencing a need or want from consumers and of course the easier a product is to use then the bigger the perceived need is of course.

What I might 'want' for example, is something that I think I 'need' and like most Americans consumers our needs must be met easily. That means easy to buy, easy to use and most of all that the product fills a 'need' that I believe I must have. So if something is easy to use, if the product fills a real need/perceived need and if it's easy to buy, then it could easily be called a "Must Have" than right?

The answer is rhetorical, that's why I explained it first but what's not obvious is why I'm laying this all out for you.

There are overlapping consumer groups and there are not too many vertices of consumers that we don't fully understand as marketers except for one. The marijuana consumer and the marijuana industry which has become the last marketing frontier... For sales and marketing types that pretend to know nothing about this new market segment we sure have figured out really quick what consumers want and what they think they need. So today we are going to cover the basic " Must haves for the new marijuana consumer.

At the top of our "Must have" list is of course a prescription in most states! but after that it gets a little weird. A god dispensary is choice for those who want to browse a vast selection of products and accessories. After selecting the right strain and desired effect there comes the toys so to speak. First is how do you intend to smoke your medication? Paper, glass, cigar, vape it? either way there is the small matter of particulating the plant for consumption. Once prepared it time smoke and take it easy per the doctor's orders.

Without further adieu here are your 2015 marijuana must haves that fill the needs of every new consumer of marijuana.

A great dispensary is key to the process so finding it is our number 1) Must have with Without weedmaps you're flying blind. (It's a FREE app!)

The 2nd must have on our list is the 'strain' of plant, which you can research on and is our 2nd must have. Thats which will tell you everything you need to know about each strain. Leafly is also a FREE App!

Of course you 'Must Have' to Store, Grind and Pour your meds so our number one accessory and container is The Medtiner by Acology Inc- trading symbol ACOL which you can find at These smell proof containers are only about 15$ and will last for years.

To round out the list is Raw Rolling Cones! Cones are by far the easiest way to go from the grinder to the lighter. They can be found at retailers everywhere and online.

So whether or not you 'need' or 'want' these items they are all "Must Haves" for every marijuana consumer in the US and beyond. Perceive it any way you want, these products and apps are easy to use, easy to buy if not free and they fill a need. For a new consumer segment that loves ease of use these are easily must haves for 2015. Until next time thanks for reading and medicate responsibly.

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