Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge

The 90 Day Challenge from Body by Vi the Weight Loss Plan at It's Best

Body by Vi is pleased to announce that the 90 Day Challenge is ready for new participants.


Jacksonville, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2012 -- Body by Vi is pleased to announce that the 90 Day Challenge is ready for new participants. The 90 Day Challenge, a weight loss incentive contest, is a unique opportunity for people that are using the Body by Vi Meal Replacement Shakes as a way to drop unwanted pounds.

The 90 Day Challenge is perhaps one of the easiest ways to help people lose weight. Contestants simply track their progress for 90 days while using the Body by Vi meal replacement program, and those with the best results, win.

Winners of the 90 Day Challenge can expect great prizes. These include cash or gift cards, merchandise, free Body by Vi products, and a grand prize of a paid vacation to an exotic locale.

Body by Vi believes that this contest, which continually runs every 90 days, is one of the best incentives for losing weight. Body by Vi understands that there is a competitive nature in all people. They used this knowledge to create the 90 Day Challenge as a way to encourage a healthy lifestyle and aid in weight loss.

Consumers are encouraged to try this program, because the 90 Day Challenge does more than give a way to win great prizes. This challenges provides a way to feel healthier and drop unwanted pounds and inches in a very short period of time.

The Body by Vi meal replacement program already comes built in with a support system, so consumers will not have to face weight loss challenges alone. The program, and the challenge, were both designed to help people succeed.

The Body by Vi meal replacement program is based on replacing two of meals each day with a Body by Vi nutritional shake. This high protein, low fat and low calorie shakes taste so rich and creamy that brain actually feels like it is being rewarded. Often described as tasting like cake batter, these meal replacement shakes can be mixed with any type of liquid one prefer.

The nutritional benefits of these shakes will greatly improve health. Most people report that within a few days there is a difference in the way they feel. Many report higher energy levels and mental alertness. This is all due to the fact that the shakes are giving body the nutrition that it needs.

The experts at Body by Vi know that this nutritional balancing will also help drop unwanted weight. As one begin to feel better, one is more active. The more active one become, the more weight one will lose using the program. It is a perfect scenario.

The 90 Day Challenge rewards individuals who take advantage of this perfect system and use it to become healthier.

The success of the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge program has been so great, that many winners go on to become representatives of the company. The Body by Vi meal replacement program is one of the fastest growing home based businesses in the United States at this time.

About Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge
ViSalus Sciences proudly makes a positive impact on Life, Health, and Prosperity worldwide every day thanks to a thriving community of passionate people. The company’s Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge combines leading health products with the support to help people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, save money along the way, and win from millions in prizes every year.