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The Bitcoin Income System - A Software for Trading Bitcoin Binary Options Being Given FREE

Bitcoin Income System developers are giving their software application FREE. But there is a catch -- Bitcoin System DOES take 10% of the profits as a royalty for using it.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/04/2014 -- The developers of the Bitcoin Income System are giving away their breakthrough software that trades bitcoin binary options FREE. This is it! A brand-new way to play one of the best 'underground' markets the world's ever seen. Because there's something very, VERY new that's come out. Something that probably less than 1% of people have even heard of never mind understand how to profit from today. So what is it? This breakthrough strategy combines the best of both worlds: Bitcoin AND binary options!

Binary options are simple, fast, and one of very best money-making tools available today. But until now, binary options have only been available in things like Stocks, Commodities Or forex currency pairs. Not any more. Things have just changed in a big way! Now there are binary options available in Bitcoin. And that's what makes this an incredible money-making goldmine like never before. It really is a breakthrough market for the first movers -- to jump in ... and start grabbing profits with both hands!

Bitcoin -- is an electronic digital currency. It's not controlled by any single government or organization. It's distributed across the global Internet as a decentralized, super-efficient and secure profit machine. That means the value -- and the market -- is controlled by the market players themselves. Not greedy central bankers and corrupt, tax-thieving governments out to play puppetmaster with the future of the public. Bitcoin's value is set by USERS. Not bankers. In fact, the value of Bitcoin increases the more it's used. Buying into a young and furiously expanding market like this one ... well, it's like getting stock in Microsoft or Apple as they really got rolling. Or buying gold at less than $300 an ounce. Or oil at less than $10 a barrel! The user base is expanding like mushrooms ...And so are the ways people can make some very serious cash with Bitcoins.

People can take them as payment for their goods and services. If people have anything to sell, that is. People can also try "mining" them by using their computer to process the VERY complicated algorithms it takes to create a Bitcoin. (But that's busted now -- it costs more in electricity than it does for actual Bitcoins these days!) People can also try arbitraging them across different Bitcoin markets to exploit price differences too. But now there's something much, MUCH better available. Bitcoin binary options! They give the people the best of both worlds: simple, fast profits ... and an exploding market!

The Bitcoin market itself is worth billions of dollars now. It's growing like crazy. Just like the huge growth of the Internet itself back in the 90's. (Wouldn't someone have liked to grab some Amazon or AOL stock back in the days when they were just rocketing up?. Bitcoin System gives that same HUGE potential. It lets anyone quickly and easily tap into binary options Bitcoin trading with super-specialized software.

About The Bitcoin Income System Developers
Bitcoin Income System developers are giving their software application FREE. But there is a catch -- Bitcoin System DOES take 10% of the profits as a royalty for using it. But that's ONLY if the user is actually making money. There are no hidden fees or charges. If the user are not making money with Bitcoin Income System, the developers don't get their 10%! If the user makes $20,000, the user keeps $18,000. The developers get their $2,000 too. And there's no monthly billing or surprise charges of any kind at all. That's why it's free.

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