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Sleep Solutions 101 reveals the best snoring mouthpiece you can get without a prescription.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2014 -- A pilot study was conducted at the Department of Orthodontics, Umeå University, Sweden by M Marklund and PE Legrell in which the efficacy of orthodontic oral appliances on snoring was tested. Oral appliances are designed to work in a way that the upper incisors do not come in front of the maxillary incisors. The study was performed on 30 patients with mild sleep apnea who had normal bite pattern and good oral health. It was seen that these oral devices increased the overjet (horizontal overlap of maxillary central incisors over the upper incisors), which helped in the reduction of snoring. More information can be gathered here -

These oral devices are a therapeutic option for snoring. While surgery may be needed for some cases, these devices will cure sleep apnea effectively.

What should dental technicians know?

Many general dental practitioners and dental technicians think that snoring is just a nuisance and more of a social problem. But they are often not aware of the fact that it may cause a serious life threatening medical condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Thus it is important for them to screen patients according to the severity of the problem and then advise them on the anti snoring appliance they should wear. If they are seeing patients with sleep apnea, they should prescribe anti snoring devices accordingly or suggest more invasive ways to treat.

Anti snoring devices without prescription

People who have mild to moderate snoring issues may feel that going to a dentist will incur more expense than is necessary. They can buy over the counter products that cost much less than any visit to a dental clinic.

Sleep Solutions 101 has come up with three anti-snoring devices that treat this problem in a natural way and a prescription is not necessary to obtain these.

Breathe Easy Anti Snoring Mouthpiece: This anti snoring device allows better flow of air through the airway. It holds the tongue and jawline together in a way that prevents snoring when an individual is asleep. Breathe Easy pushes the jawline forward a little, in turn expanding the respiratory tract and allowing the airflow to be smooth. At the same time it holds the tongue firmly but comfortably so that it doesn’t fall back in the throat and block the airway.

Breathe Easy is made from high-tech soft silicone and so is quite comfortable in the mouth. Apart from being a snore stopper, it also stops bruxism (teeth grinding).

But, just like any other device, it has some possible side effects. Since this device holds the jawline and tongue in place, it is not possible to swallow the saliva as often and over-salivation may occur. However, this is not a big issue and the device should be used continuously. Once the body gets used to this device, over-salivation will stop. Tenderness of the tongue will be noticed, which also disappears with use.

This anti-snoring device doesn’t treat OSAS or Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome. For more information visit:

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