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The Candle Predictor, Hourly Movement Indicator, Daily Movement Indicator & Hourly Stats Indicator Being Given FREE by Toshko Raychev


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/19/2013 -- Today Toshko Raychev announced that he will be giving away The Candle Predictor, Hourly Movement Indicator, Daily Movement Indicator and the Hourly Stats Indicator FREE for the next few days as a part of his Forex Secret Protocol System launch. Doors to the Forex Secret Protocol Program will be opened next week. He also announced that he will be giving a free scholarship to person who leaves the best comment on his website.

This is what Mark McRae, a professional forex trader from South Africa and the main person behind the famous Surefire Trading Challenge has to says about Toshko Raychev: “Today will change everything for you if you trade Forex and it won't cost you a penny... You could be trading with 98% accuracy. I believe that if you desire to get wealthy you MUST be in business for yourself, and by far one of the most profitable businesses is Forex. And when it comes to Forex, no one does it better than Toshko Raychev. What I like about him is that he will do it with you.

He doesn't leave you alone with a manual and a couple of online videos. He works with people side by side, shoulder to shoulder, which is why people like him. Wait, I am getting to the point here...A few days ago he gave away a brilliant report and indicator called Forex Protocol #1.

Trade With Accuracy

Remember, this is a guy who has won three major trading competitions with results like this:

- 651.50% In One Month
- 809.09% In One Month
- 118.63% In One Month

Each time he won, he did it in front of people who could watch him trade. Anyway, here's the exciting news. He has just released another piece of the puzzle called Forex Protocol #2. In this report he explains why it's important to only trade at the absolute best time of the day, the best day of the week and the best currency pair. Here's the best part, he is giving you the tools to do it:

- The Candle Predictor - this little puppy will tell you the range of the next candle with an accuracy of up to 98%. That's right, it's almost psychic. Just think how that will improve your trading.

- Hourly Movement Indicator - This indictor will tell you what the average move is over a certain time period and also the high and low during that period. It basically tells you the best hour to trade.

- Daily Movement Indicator - This baby will analyze the range and movement of the market and tell you the best day to trade. Did you know that there are some days you would be better watching T.V.?

- Hourly Stats Indicator - Nothing wins more than superior preparation. This indicator will tell you what hour you were the most successful trading. It will also predict how accurate you are and how much you can expect to make in the future.

That's not all… Remember what I said about Toshko and how he trades and works with you. He's not like a normal coach. He doesn't rock up every now and then for a webinar - he is right there with you when you are learning. The problem is it is hard to get him to take on new students, which is why his scholarship program is something you should jump at. I think the indicators he is giving away could be traded instantly and for maximum profit today.”

About Toshko Raychev And Mark McRae
Toshko Raychev is the three times winner of the famous Surefire Trading Challenge. Mark McRae lives in South Africa and is the main organizer of the Surefire Trading Challenge. Mark McRae has developed a Traders Secret Code that he uses to day trade any market.

Surefire Trading Challenge is held after every few months online and is considered to be one of the biggest online forex competitions. Thousands of traders take part in this Surefire Trading Challenge. The first round comprises of one month of demo trading. Winners of the demo trading round are short listed and funded with a $1,000 account for one month of a live trading challenge. The trader that makes the highest gain during the one month of live trading challenge is declared the winner of the Surefire Trading Challenge.

For downloading the Candle Predictor, Hourly Movement Indicator, Daily Movement Indicator & Hourly Stats Indicator FREE, please visit the following website: