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The Drama Method Review: Shows How the Unconventional Can Be Effective


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/30/2014 -- The Drama Method revolutionizes the way females approach relationships and perceive men. It opens up a multitude of strategies that enable a woman to take control of a particular situation and get the guy she has set her sights on.

While males are averse to dramatics when it comes to relationships, the tactics shared in this method, which at times have been described as extreme, illogical, and rough, claim to induce tremendous attraction and intense desire in any man whenever the female source and object of his attention is around.

Relationship expert Aaron Fox advocates creating drama around the guy to trigger love and strong desire towards a girl and make sure she will always be in his thoughts. It is said to deliver results even among males who are hesitant to commit or if a man already dumped a woman for one reason or another.

What is the principle behind The Drama Method?
This stems from the natural inclination of humans to seek out experiences that cause their adrenaline to surge and make them feel good. Thus, they tend to be drawn towards circumstances or people that would trigger the release of this adrenaline and feeling of emotional high, which they get when dating and in relationships.

The Drama Method promises to show women how they can effectively elicit certain emotions in a man in higher intensity. To achieve this, they would have to increase the male emotional temperature as guys can't help but be with the girl who can trigger such strong feelings in him.

It also points to the importance of inducing a variety of emotions in a man. Going beyond making him feel good, a woman must be able to provide a certain emotional experience he cannot fulfill without her. The mix of intoxicating feelings she brings out in him will make him need her more.

Another key to relationships that girls should take note of is making males feel emotionally safe in their presence. It encourages women to foster emotional security in their partners by making sure the men always feel relieved when around them. Oftentimes, a guy wants this atmosphere of relief to last that he’ll do anything for his girl to make this permanent.

How can females put these concepts into practice?
The Drama Method Training Program contains all the specifics and steps to bring out intense emotions among males which women can use to their advantage. Learn how to plant Addictive Seeds of Desire in his mind through logical attraction, use Cocktail Drama to increase his attraction, and convince him he’s deeply in love with the Sweet Turmoil Method.

The online course also promises to show females the Emotional Variety Trick that offers him some excitement and thrill with a bit of aggravation to increase passion, the Art of Dramatic Sex Appeal which draws the men even if a girl is not that confident about her looks, and the Art of Dramatic Flirting that presents a new strategy to get guys hooked.

It is said to reveal what guys really want in a woman although some of the details may seem to be staggering, the technique that will make a man want a girl more after having slept together, male mood swings and understanding the tensions he feels at times, the right way to be needy to make him feel wanted without being clingy, and how being pretty can reduce females’ chances with a man.

Moreover, it claims to teach women how to make sure he won’t be able to stay away using the Attraction Sledgehammer Method, get men perceived to be out of one’s league to have feelings of infatuation through Maximum Emotional Impact, and intrigue males that they just can’t wait to call with the Attraction Anticipation Method.

A girl will know why she attracts the wrong guys and what vibes they get in her presence with the Bad Smell Factor, how she can make the relationship mutually exclusive that even males who keep their options open will oblige using the Mental Interlock Method, and what to do to bring life back to a relationship that’s on the brink of collapse through Emotional Deal.

Discover ways to make a man see oneas his ultimate girlfriend by treating him like a brother, remove his doubts and fears on his ability to love unconditionally with the Permission Principle, and get what one wants without any resistance by triggering his motivation using the Emotional Escalation Method.

For a one-time fee, the training course comes free with an audio format, the Mind Scanner Report that makes a man reason out why he wants to be with a girl, the Shameless Truth Report which provides insider information on what goes on in the male mind, and the Extreme Case Scenario Turnaround as a tool for women who committed a mistake or encountered an embarrassing situation.

For more information, visit the official Drama Method homepage here.

About Drama Method by Aaron Fox -
The Drama Method is a relationship advice program advising women to actually use drama to get their men’s attention. The program talks about getting a guy to feel attracted instantly and raising his emotional temperature leaving an imprint in his mind.

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