The Ex Factor Guide Review: Important Information Leaked

Breaking up is always hard to do - especially when the party being dumped is taken by surprise. But today's Press Release reveals the secret, and almost "sneaky" techniques to get ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends beg to get back together again!


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2014 -- "I miss you!", "I want you!", "I can't live without you!". These are words that any guy or girl would love to hear - either in a text or phone call - at 2 AM in the morning from an ex. The words would sound even sweeter when the one receiving the text/call was not the one who ended the relationship in the first place. Imagine how someone that was dumped would feel hearing those words from the person that ended their relationship!

But that can happen! Research has proven that over 90% of relationships gone bad can be salvaged. But sadly, men and women desperate to try and get their ex's back make some fatal mistakes when it comes to how the male/female psychology works. And in today's Press Release, Brad Browning unveils a number of sneaky psychological tactics in his The Ex Factor Guide video, that have been proven to get ex-lovers to react exactly in the way described earlier.

Men and women mistakenly think that the path to redemption is in:
- Buying their ex expensive gifts
- Telling them that they love them over and over again
- Sending corny text messages or leaving "cute" voice mail messages

The truth is that research has proven that these tactics, however natural they might sound at first, can often misfire and drive an ex even further away. The only way to regain control of this worsening situation is by using time-tested, science-based reverse psychology that The Ex Factor Guide highlights in great detail.

Ex-lovers who initiate the breakup often don't confide about what went wrong in the relationship. When a guy or girl asks an ex why they broke up with them, they often receive canned answers like:
- "It's not you. The problem is with me"
- "I'm just not ready for a serious relationship yet"
- "I just need time to think this thru - that's all!"

In his video guide, Brad Browning explains that when an ex tells his/her past lover something like that, it's not the truth at all. In fact, psychologists have proven that such answers are defensive mechanism for people who don't want to deal with the harsh realities of why they broke up with their ex.

But in order to re-wire an ex's feelings and get him/her to say those magic words "I'm sorry I broke up with you. I want us to get back together!", it is vital to know what caused them to shun away from the relationship in the first place. And The Ex Factor Guide teaches men and women the sneaky psychological tricks to use to break down those barriers, get to the truth, and then use that knowledge to re-wire their ex to crave them once more. It's sneaky, but it works - every time!

But Browning goes much further than simply teaching ex-lovers how to rekindle an ex relationship in these vivid video trainings. Using the tips and techniques learned in the videos, ex lovers can reignite the deepest, darkest sexual fantasies that their ex had for them, and make him/her beg to relive those forbidden sexual fantasies.

And that's what makes The Ex Factor Guide such a powerful tool in the hands of men and women that want their ex to come crawling back to them!

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About Brad Browning
Brad Browning is the producer/creator of The Ex Factor Guide, a powerful video training series that offers men and women some intimate, hereto never disclosed "sneaky" psychological tips on how to win an ex lover back. Browning's techniques are firmly grounded in mainstream psychology, which makes this video an even more credible tool kit in the quest to reclaim an ex lover.

Having experienced the pains of being dumped by an ex, and then using psychology to reclaim her, Browning created this guide so other guys and gals might use these techniques on their own ex's. Most of all, these techniques have been proven over time, through successful use by ex lovers who have managed to get their once lost relationships back on track.