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The Gabriel Method Review - the Real Truth Exposed

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West Roxbury, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/27/2012 -- Gabriel Method is the latest means of losing weight that aims to help all individuals who are striving to get rid of their excess fats in the safest and most effective way. Created by Jon Gabriel, this unique weight loss program focuses on giving the body with the nutrients that it needs in order to attain a successful weight loss.

This particular plan on losing weight follows the major principle of stopping crash dieting, advocating instead eating the foods that a person’s wants when one wants to. According to Gabriel, dieting is interpreted by the body as a kind of famine which, as a way of protecting itself, the system then tries to slow down the process of metabolism.

Gabriel also tells the dieters that chronic stress, whatever its kind might be, is perceived by the body as something which threatens its survival.

Having struggled with obesity himself for many years before finally finding the right plan that suits him, Jon Gabriel is now introducing to dieters the acceptable concept that emotional or mental starvation can possibly thwart weight loss through sending the same message to the system. For this reason, Gabriel then encourages the dieters to seek their life’s real purpose which can be done through listening to their own heart and mind and doing the activities which can give them the actual sense of contentment and fulfillment.

One essential aspect of Gabriel Method is using visualization techniques as well as learning the most effective ways for managing stress. The dieters are given with some practical tools which can help in eliminating emotional blockages, allowing them to pursue a more positive outlook for them to deal properly with the obstacles in their weight loss goals.

Although Gabriel Method does not have a strict plan for eating, the program emphasizes instead on the importance of giving the body with its required nutrients. Gabriel says that majority of overweight individuals are in fact undernourished since the foods they eat lack the needed minerals and vitamins.

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