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The Galapagos Islands Tops the List of the Best Bucket Trips by the Readers of USA Today

The USA Today is regular at publishing the Top 10 specialties of a place or of multiple places and publishes the list on their website.


Quito, Ecuador -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2014 -- A recently conducted survey among the readers of USA Today has revealed the 10 best places in the world that the readers thought were the best to be called the Best Bucket Trip Destinations. This list is topped by the natural paradise on earth, the Galapagos Islands near Ecuador. It is followed by Alaska and then the African Safari.

The list includes a number of other places too. They are the Alpine mountains in Switzerland, the Pyramids of Egypt, the most beautiful country in the world, New Zealand, Ireland, Greece, Italy and the South Pacific islands. The top three positions are taken by the Galapagos Islands, Alaska and the African Safari respectively. It is a fact that the Galapagos Islands deserve to get the first place in any such lists when compared to the other places worldwide. The natural beauty and the presence of the most amazing birds and animals make these islands one among the topmost holiday destinations that people are looking forward to.

There are many people who have experienced this scenic beauty for real while they have taken a Galapagos Island Tour or have been on a vacation over the islands. It is this welcoming spirit and the online presence of these islands that has been successful in attracting people to come along and live amidst nature. All the places in the list are in fact among the top preferred holiday destinations where people can experience an entirely new world and relax themselves out of the daily hassles of life. There are other places that have been included mainly because of their natural beauty. They are Alaska, Africa, Alpine Mountains in Switzerland, New Zealand, Ireland and the South Pacific Islands. The list also includes places like Egypt, Greece, Italy that are known for the historic and the architectural beauty that they possess.

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