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The Golden Trading Ratio Webinar Being Given FREE Joshua Martinez

In this Golden Trading Ratio webinar, he is going to demonstrate how to use the fibonacci sequence in trading.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2014 -- Joshua Martinez is giving a FREE Webinar-The Golden Trading Ratio. In this Golden Trading Ratio webinar, he is going to demonstrate how to use the fibonacci sequence in trading. Fibonacci is considered to be one of the important leading indicators. Unlike moving averages and other indicators that are lagging, fibonacci can tell in advance where the market is likely to reverse itself. Traders use fibonacci retracement, projections and extensions a lot in their trading. In this webinar, he is going to teach what are fibonacci retracements, projections and extensions and how to use this important tool in trading as soon as possible. This is what he is going to teach in the webinar:

How to apply the Fibonacci sequence to trading charts
Understand why this equation works in the Forex market
Get steps to using this tool on any time frame based on the trading style
Learn to identify upcoming market movements

About Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez is Market Traders Institute's (MTI) head analyst with more than four years of experience analyzing and trading the Forex market. As a trader and an instructor skilled in both technical and fundamental analysis, Josh, also known as FX Pathfinder, has used the mentoring lessons taught to him by his father (world-renowned trader Jared Martinez) to build his own reputation as a successful trader, analyst and instructor. He has developed several trading strategies and systems including the 3:10 London Breakout Strategy that is taught in MTI's Forex Mastery Course, MTI's Day Trading Course and the Auto Aussie Trading System. His time is spent training tens of thousands of MTI clients in client-only webinars and courses as well as developing premier trading systems based on years of market research. His most recent accomplishment was turning 30 minutes of trading into $10,000 worth of profit (that's more than most people make in 3 months of working 9 to 5).

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