The Home Cleaning Sector Continues to Grow and Grow…

Whether you enjoy household chores or not, the home cleaning industry has seen some amazing and innovative products hitting the market. With many households working full time or having children, the time we have to dedicate to our household chores can be fairly limited. The cleaning market has therefore responded to this need with some well designed cleaning gadgets and accessories. The latest cleaning technologies have been purposely designed to make those exhausting cleaning chores both easier and faster to complete without compromising on quality and efficiency.


Stourbridge, Worcestershire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/20/2014 -- Protect your home & furniture with top of the range cleaning gadgets

With many of us spending thousands on creating the perfect home, it is no wonder that we want to be able to maintain our homes to the highest standards possible. It is estimated that in 2012 alone, the UK spent an average of £178 million on cleaning supplies and this figure is expected to continue to grow steadily year on year. We spoke to online Black Country homewares retailer PRIMUS who has added an extensive range of cleaning products to their already increasingly successful online store. Sales & Marketing Manager Vicky Tomline explains "for us our cleaning range is an important part of our homewares store and we have some fantastic cleaning gadgets available for customers."

With lightweight vacuum cleaners using cyclone technologies and steam cleaners that rival some of the most expensive brands on the market, PRIMUS is the perfect place to shop for all your home cleaning needs.

Benefits of modern cleaning technologies
For those consumers who invest in the latest cleaning technologies such as steam cleaners, you can gain a far cleaner home far more easily. However, for a retailer such as PRIMUS it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest technologies. Vicky explained "we understand that in order to maintain and grow our home cleaning range, we need to be offering our consumers some of the most up to date technologies which is why we have some top brands as well as some lesser known brands. We want our consumers to be able to buy their home furnishings from us and then be able to buy the cleaning products required to maintain them. We're a one-stop-shop."

The advancement in cleaning technologies has secured a steady year on year growth for this sector and with affordable retailers like PRIMUS who are committed to quality, it is no wonder.