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The Indian Government Headed by the New Prime Minister Promises Active Promotion of Solar Power Generation


Pune, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2014 -- By the evening of 16th May 2014, India, the third largest economy after USA and China as stated by the World Bank, was introduced to the new Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. It took about 3 decades for India to witness such a result this year. Never before in the past few decades, was it found that a contender won by so many spontaneous votes. Now that the Parliament house will have an all new set of members along with the Prime Minister, it is time that there are a few changes needed to be made in the country as well.

The New Prime Minister of India, has been promising that he, along with the support of the fellow citizens of India would be working for the welfare and the well being of the country. Although he may be well known for his conservative talks, Mr. Narendra Modi has a strong influence about solar power generation and its use at home and in industries. After years of efforts put into the progress of Gujarat, it is his belief that bringing solar power into use would be one of the plans that he will be implementing in order to provide better basic amenities to the common man.

Solar Power Plants are gaining popularity across the world. The reliability of the source, the efficiency of the devices and the affordable cost of generation is what makes this a better choice for lighting. The Government in various states also would be soon following the words and the ideas of the Prime Minister. It is a great move that is initiated by the government especially in a country that can be considered to be completely dependent on coal and also runs frequent power cuts. Generating power to satisfy all the needs of such a large economy is a challenging task. But, determined words of Modi have implanted a ray of hope in every Indian.

Modi is determined to set up plants that would help in easier, faster and cheaper Solar Power Generation that will help the common man to make use of solar power for home as well as commercial use. This will help one reduce the regular expenditure that one would spend on lighting. Modi and his companions were the ones who thought of setting up India’s first largest incentives for large scale solar power in Gujarat. The Government thus plans to take lessons from this to execute the plan on a larger scale throughout the country. Thus, promising better and b Solar Power Generation righter days ahead!

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