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Gardena, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/07/2012 -- Sales research shows that Renegade Diet Book, written by acclaimed author, Jason Ferruggia, is one of the most sought-after sources of people who want to know the right and effective way on how to achieve a sustained muscular body today. One reason for this is that it introduces a substitute approach that goes against everything people think they know about nutrition.

The said book was touted as the most effective body recomposition plan ever created because it offers an extraordinary approach in losing fat and gaining muscle simultaneously. Inside the book, readers will be able to know why their current eating plan is turning their body into a fat storage machine, why breakfast is not the most essential meal of the day contrary to what many believe in, why following the customary meal frequency rules is making them sicker and fatter, how to fix their levels of elevated estrogen and low testosterone, why carbohydrates are not the enemy in weight loss and how consumption of protein can lead to fat build up.

Apart from those things, Renegade Diet Book also discusses the things that must be done immediately before training to enhance fat burning rate, why whole grains and complex carbohydrates make people sicker and fatter, how to speed up recovery between workouts, how to optimize leptin, IGF, growth hormone and insulin for a fast body transformation, the right time to eat carbs and the right time to avoid them, how to strengthen the immune system, why adrenal fatigue occurs and what must be done about it, why eating 5-7 fruit servings a day is good for the body, how to improve protein assimilation and many more.

With the helpful and comprehensive information that Renegade Diet Book provides, it has successfully gained commendations from readers and users.

“The Renegade Diet is by far and away the easiest and most effective eating plan I’ve ever tried. It gives you complete freedom and actually allows you get and remain in great shape while still having a social life. It’s the only way I’ll ever eat for the rest of my life.”- Alyson Lannacone

The said diet book is also offered with 60-day money-back guarantee for readers’ and users’ convenience.

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