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The Repair Stem Cells Institute Announces It Is Scouting Additional Stem Cell Treatment Centers Within the United States

The investigations for U.S. based venues for stem cell treatments will bolster RSCI’s already highly respected network of affiliated international stem cell treatment centers.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2014 -- Don Margolis, founder and chairman of the Repair Stem Cells Institute (, announced today RSCI’s progress in scouting U.S.-based stem cell treatment centers to supplement its current affiliation with 14 international stem cell treatment centers, including those in Thailand, Argentina, Mexico, India and Israel. In the United States, RSCI has given its difficult-to-obtain approval rating ( to treatment centers in New York City, Maryland, and Florida.

Said Margolis, “Although all our stem cell centers worldwide exceed the highest standards for treatment and patient care, we understand that it may be difficult, or even a bit daunting, for some to travel outside the U.S. So, for the past year, we have been actively investigating additional sites within the United States, and expect open three more this spring in the Midwest, Southwest and California.”

The Repair Stem Cells Institute is the world’s only stem cell patients’ advocacy group. Its mission is to Educate, Advocate, and Empower people to make educated choices about their medical conditions and treatments in order to lead longer and more fulfilling lives. RSCI’s services include matching patients seeking adult stem cell treatment with the most appropriate treatment center; ensuring seamless travel, lodging, and touring arrangements; providing translators where necessary; and providing industry standard-setting after-treatment care, including one-year active, personal follow-ups and the personalized services of a top nutritionist doctor. Unfiltered written, audio, and video patient testimonials about their RSCI arranged adult stem cell treatments are available on the RSCI website,, as well as on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Currently, adult stem cell treatments are being used to help patients recover from over 150 debilitating chronic conditions previously thought to be untreatable, including the “Big Three” – Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer -- as well as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Spinal Cord Injury, Liver Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Renal Failure, Arthritis, Autism, and Type 2 Diabetes. A full list of diseases stem cells can help can be found on the RSCI website ( To date, commercial stem cell treatments have been used by over 30,000 patients with a 65% success rate.

For more information about adult stem cells, stem cell treatment, diseases stem cells can help, and the top international stem cell treatment centers, the the Repair Stem Cells Institute website offers a wealth of straightforward and unbiased information and solutions.