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The Science of Getting Rich Pdf Review: Exposed a Step-by-Step Guide to Attracting Wealth


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2013 -- The Science of Getting Rich advocates the idea that anyone can experience abundance in life by doing certain things in a certain way. It captures Wallace Delois Wattles’ famous little green book which contains the formula that would lead people to attain the success and riches they deserve with mathematical certainty.

In this program, Bob Proctor, the guru from The Secret, takes a person through each page of the little green book and shows how to apply the formula in one’s daily life in step-by-step. He mentors and guides people to help them master the laws towards acquiring wealth.

He is joined by seasoned personal development gurus Jack Canfield, the founder and co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Michael Beckwith, a world leader in the New Thought–Ancient Wisdom tradition of spirituality, to assist individuals in understanding and living The Science of Getting Rich.

Achieve prosperity with the universe providing for one’s needs, get rid of failure in life, add predictability to one’s success, and increase passion in relationships through this program. It teaches a person how to reach his financial goals with mathematical precision by imbibing the principles advocated in the little green book.

It doesn’t matter if one has been an employee for years now, is still in school, or just started a business. The Science of Getting Rich shares the beliefs to constantly be successful, shows how powerful thoughts can be to get one to act towards acquiring wealth, manifests what one wants in life, and helps a person step out of the wrong business to attract the correct one.

Learn the Law of Attraction that responds to the vibration of a person’s thoughts, instead of his present reality that leads him to get stuck in a self-fulfilling cycle of doom. This shows how to break out of the cycle in 17 sessions all geared towards attaining total abundance.

Unraveling the secret to wealth and success

The program begins with one’s right to be rich that brings out the deepest aspirations to set him on the road towards his financial goals. Then, it tackles the Science of Getting Rich, banishes self-limiting beliefs that opportunity is monopolized, reveals why truth no matter how it looks is the most important foundation, teaches the value of increasing life in order to get everything one wants, and divulges how riches can come to a person.

The program also talks about gratitude, thinking and acting in a certain way, using one’s will, effective action, and getting into the right business. It opens up a person to the principles of the impression of increase and the advancing person. Ultimately, it helps people rise above fears and develop their talents, as well as live life the way it should be to see the good in everything and attract these goodness.

Instantly downloadable for $197 in any MP3 player or the iPod, the 17 guided sessions come with full transcripts, Wattles’ original The Science of Getting Rich ebook, and a personal digital workbook. One will also have the Online Learning System to be able to take notes while listening to the sessions and keep track of progress.

Another feature is the Active Learning Community which acts as one’s support group where people share ideas and experiences as well as draw inspiration from one another as they embark on the path to richness.

The program offers additional tools that are also geared towards attaining wealth. Given free, know the 11 forgotten laws in the Manifestation Mastery Video Course and get access to the weekly network calls for Accelerated Abundance, both by Proctor.

One will even enjoy free access to the special interview with John Assaraf, one of Proctor’s protégés who made billions after applying the principle, and get the First Step Wealth Attraction Morning Protocol by Brian Wong, also a self-made millionaire and protégé of Proctor, that uncovers the keys to starting the day right to achieve one’s goals.

Break away from beliefs, doubts, and fears that cause one to lose opportunities to grow in abundance. Learn The Science of Getting Rich by visiting the official homepage here.

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“This is a true story of a man who started off in a position that, most probably, was worse off than where you are right now. But by just doing certain things in a certain way, riches came to him in abundance.” - copyright © 2012 MindValley LC. All rights reserved.