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The State of the Global Markets 2014 Edition 50 Page FREE Report Has Been Released by Elliott Wave International


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/28/2014 -- The State Of The Global Markets 2014 Edition 50 page FREE Report has been released by Elliott Wave International. This 50 page FREE Report is being called the Most Important Investment Report of this Year. Gold, silver and bonds are in a multi-year bear market. Investors around the world are taking unprecedented risks. This 50 page report is only available for a limited time.

This is what the Elliott Wave International team says: “Do you know what to expect in 2014? Are you prepared to take advantage of the biggest opportunities – and avoid the dangerous pitfalls – that you will face this year?

The State of the Global Markets – 2014 Edition gives you valuable, independent analysis and forecasts for the financial and economic trends in 2014. It includes advice you can act on – instead of after-the-fact analysis that keeps you behind major turning points.

You can navigate the year ahead with confidence via a blend of hard facts, analysis and unique commentary – plus dozens of eye-opening charts and insights culled from this new 50-page subscriber report ($199 value). You will also get video presentations from EWI's top U.S, European and Asian-Pacific analysts as well as Robert Prechter's latest big-picture global outlook, plus intensive special sections titled:

Staying Safe
Nothing Common about These Stocks
Back to the Vanishing Point for Tech
The Long-Term Declining Trend in Personal Consumption
Emerging Markets Reflect Social Mood
The Great European Value Play
And a lot more!”

About Elliott Wave International
Elliott Wave International Club is the world’s largest Elliott Wave Community with more than 325,000 members worldwide. Membership to this club is free and includes free report and trading videos by experts on how to use Elliott waves in actual trading and investing. Robert R. Prechter Jr. founded the Elliott Wave International in 1979. Elliott Wave International is the world’s largest market forecasting firm. It employs full time analysts that provide the market analysis reports.

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