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The Universal Life Church Encourages People to Plan Their Daily Bible Reading


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/20/2014 -- The Universal Life Church is a source of daily thoughts, prayers and daily Bible readings and motivates every believer to start studying their Bible on a daily basis to strengthen their connection with God. The church teaches people of how to achieve this daily Bible reading, which is vitally important for their spiritual life, even in their hectic lifestyle.

The Universal Life Church suggests a few methods that will help people increase their love for God’s Word. They are specified below:

- People need to determine the best time of the day for reading. This may vary for different individuals, as some like to read in the morning before doing anything else, while others feel more concentrated in the evening, before going to bed.

- Married people may need to find a quiet hour without engagements and a calm place without noise, where they can be alone with their God.

- Making a commitment for their meetings with God is another motivating factor that works for many people. Many people find out that these minutes they spend with God actually save them a lot more time during the day, as they are more concentrated in the work and do fewer mistakes, or do not waste their time in vain.

- The desire for Bible study increases more and more when people do it on a regular basis and decreases when they are not serious and miss out days.

- God can certainly increase the desire and motivation of believers to study their Bibles and to make it a priority in their life, if they pray Him about this.

The Universal Life Church offers people daily Bible reading, inspirational thoughts and prayer that people can take advantage of. All, who are interested in this opportunity, may visit http://ulcnewsblog.com/ every day to find the new portion of their daily motivation for regular Bible study.

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The Universal Life Church is a Bible based organization that motivates people to get in closer relationships with God through daily Bible reading, prayer and working for Him.