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The Universal Life Church Follows the Example of Jesus Christ


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/27/2014 -- The Universal Life Church strives to live for others the way Jesus Christ has done, being their supreme example. The main principles of Christian life include love, prayer and working for the salvation of other people. These principles lay in the foundation of the Universal Life Church.

All people who live in this world are called to be God’s people, but in order to be successful, they should continuously grow in their relationships with God, following the Christ’s example. The life of Jesus Christ shows people how they need to live their lives.

The Universal Life Church examines the life of Jesus and builds its faith on the basis of the following three principles, found in the life of God’s Son.

- The principle of godly love: The extent of Christ’s love is seen both in his everyday unselfish service for others and on the cross, where He died for His friends and foes alike. The Universal Life Church strives to follow that example, taking care of the needy people, like the sick, refugees, homeless and those rejected from the community and improve their life the way Jesus did.

- The principle of connection with God: Some of the Christ’s prayers are written in the Bible and they are example for His followers how close their relationships with God should be. This relationship is maintained by a regular prayer and Bible study.

- The principle of life for other people: The main mission of Christ was to save people from their sins and to give them a chance for eternal life. The Universal Life Church follows this example, striving to save people’s lives and to lead them to Christ, where they will be safe from sins too.

People, who would like to learn more about the basic principles of the Universal Life Church, can follow this link: http://www.ulcnetwork.com/ulc-home.html

About The Universal Life Church
The Universal Life Church’s mission is to lead those in need to Christ, so they can find salvation from their sins and peace as a result of the close relationship with God and hope for eternal life.