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The Universal Life Church - New York City Free Medical Clinic

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Carrabelle, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2012 -- The Universal Life Church World Headquarters wishes to announce to those in New York the availability of a FREE Medical Clinic, yes Free, no strings attached. Courtesy of The NYU School of Medicine and The Institute For Family Health, this FREE Medical Clinic is New York's only comprehensive free healthcare clinic, they believe that high-quality healthcare is the right of all individuals and at no cost to their patients. They offer a full range of healthcare services that include specialty referrals, counseling, patient education, social services, screening and registration for public health insurance.

The Universal Life Church World Headquarters is committed to helping those in need, by passing on this information they hope to do just that. For folks who do not have health coverage, or who are under insured or do not have means for whatever reason to ascertain health care, this is an awesome opportunity for those folks to receive high quality health care and without being burdened with medical bills they simply cannot afford.

Who is eligible? Their website states as follows: "The NYCFC is committed to serving the uninsured of New York. We serve all patients regardless of their socioeconomic, immigration, or health status. The only requirement to receive care at the NYCFC is that you must be an uninsured adult age 18 or older. All services provided by the clinic are free of charge to patients." Clinic Hours are on Saturday from 9AM - 1PM est Their telephone number is 212-206-5200

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