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The Universal Life Church Reveals Its Roots and Beliefs


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/23/2014 -- The Universal Life Church is founded based on the traditions of the early Christian Church, organized by the Christ’s Disciples. It reveals its beliefs, roots, and origin to help people worldwide to choose the true in this disreputable world.

The Universal Life Church has its roots deep in the Christian traditions. Its name means catholic or Christian, and dates from year 107 being mentioned from St Ignatius of Antioch in his letter to the church in Smyrna.

Some of the beliefs of the Universal Life Church are as followed:

- The Church believes that the Bible is the Word of God that has come inerrant to the world. It reveals His will to save all people, who believe in Christ as a Savior and lead Christian life, following the fundamental Christian principles.

- They believe in one God, who has created all things in heavens and world and exists in three persons: God Father, God Son and God Holy Spirit, which are co-eternal and possess equal power and dignity.

- They believe in the divine nature of Jesus Christ, who has been born by Virgin Mary after miraculous conception made by the Holy Spirit. He has lived a sinless life and has given His life on a cross for the salvation of all people who believe in Him. Then He has been resurrected by God Father and ascended to His right hand.

- They believe that the sin is a spiritual death that separates men from their Creator, and the physical death is a consequence of the sin. All people are born with a sinful nature and practice sins.

- They also believe that all people who build the right relationships with God, asking Him to change them from sinners to His children, will experience bodily resurrection and everlasting life.

All, who would like to get more information about the main beliefs of the Universal Life Church, can visit http://www.ulcnetwork.com/what-we-do.html.

About The Universal Life Church
The Universal Life Church is organized to give hope and to offer a new life to sinners around the world through the irreplaceable and priceless sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross and His resurrection, which gives people hope for eternal life.