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The Universal Life Church Suggests Some Important Steps for Improving a Relationship with Jesus Christ


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2014 -- The Universal Life Church is dedicated to God and directs its efforts into improving a relationship between people and God. It reveals that Christ is not so far away from every person, as it may seem. Strong connection with God is a foundation, upon which Christians should build their faith.

The Universal life Church encourages believers of any age to seek a closer connection with their Savior. Even in this busy world, where everyone undergoes some kind of stress and hectic lifestyle, people still can maintain good spiritual life. The unhealthy relationships with God automatically affect people’s relationships with those around them and may lead to broken relationships, failed businesses or even worse.

The Universal Life Church provides people with the following practical tips that will help them come closer to their God:

- People need to know God, in order to desire to communicate with Him and be closer to Him. God has left His Word, the Bible, to show people Himself, His character and His love. The first step to the stronger relationships with God is reading and studying the Bible to become acquainted with God.

- The second step is prayer, which is a dialogue. People tell God their needs and their worries in prayer, but they also have to listen and watch to how He answers them.

- Acceptance of God’s will, trusting God that what He does is the best for people. Believers need to learn how to fully trust God, even in times of hardships and trials. Those who go through these periods as victors will have a much stronger relationship with God.

People, who would like to make their relationships with God stronger than ever, may visit http://www.ulcnetwork.com to find out more.

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The Universal Life Church is dedicated to serve people around the world bringing them closer to Jesus Christ their Savior.