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The Universal Life Church Web Store Provides Clergy Stoles for Ministers


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/30/2014 -- The Universal Life Church is created to bring divine light to the earth. It encourages young and old to follow the great commission of God and serve others, saving their lives and leading them to Jesus. The ULC online store offers clergy stoles that distinguish ministers and show their special position in the God’s work.

Just like many professions require special uniforms and garment to distinguish them from other groups of people, the same way clergy stoles help individuals distinguish religious ministers from the crowd too. The vestment they wear is called a clergy stole, which is similar to a large scarf, made mostly of cotton, polyester and silk.

People, who search for a quality clergy stole at affordable prices, may consider looking into the Universal Life Church Web Store, which offers quality clergy stoles in sets of four different colors – white, green, purple and red for every season. They are made of fully lined double layer fabric. They are embroidered and made of 100% smooth polyester.

To ensure that the stole will stay in place, back cord is included. These clerk stoles are appropriate to be used in various occasions such as Pentecost, Advent, Lent, Christmas, Confirmation, Ordinary times, Commemoration Sundays and Epiphany.

The clerk stole is a special religious symbol that should be worn by ministers only, who serve in specific ceremonies and occasions.

All, who would like to get more information about the clerk stoles, offered in the official Universal Life Church Web Store, can visit http://www.ulcwebstore.com.

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The Universal Life Church Web Store is created with the goal to help people make their first steps in service for others. It provides all the needed supplies that can make their carrier of God’s ministers successful.