TheLoanSpot Provides Short Term Loans Throughout the UK


Somerset, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2014 -- TheLoanSpot, a leading short term loan provider in the United Kingdom, continues to focus on providing the best customer service along with the lowest rates in the market for those consumers in need of bad credit loans. TheLoanSpot’s Dominic Griffin explained, “Many short term loan providers have a broad set of guidelines that trigger an instant approval as long as the consumer falls within them, but we take our lending a bit further by analyzing each application a bit more. We are a very customer service oriented company, and we truly want to provide the best possible service in the lending industry. We will only approve a loan if we are confident the borrower has the ability to pay back the loan. While other lenders see each application as a number we see it as a consumer that deserves the best treatment.”

TheLoanSpot is a fully licensed to operate in the United Kingdom, and also a member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association that holds a credit consumer license from the Office of Fair Trading. “We will be the first to tell the consumer that short term loans are not for everyone and need to be used responsibly. As they are intended, they are a great option for those consumers that cannot secure traditional loans because of credit problems. We encourage consumers that have questions about short term loans to visit the FAQ section of our website. It provides very detailed information that can help them determine if this is a good option for them,” added Mr. Griffin of TheLoanSpot.

The process to borrow money and secure a loan is very simple. Consumers need to simply complete the form as accurately as possible and then wait for the decision. After the nearly instant decision, the consumer needs to verify the loan via a SMS text message or via email. Once the agreement is processed online the funds will be sent to the applicants bank account. “Our process from start to finish is quick and efficient. The repayment of the loan is automatically processed on the borrowers next payday. Of course, our customer service team is available to answer questions before, during, and after the lending process,” stated Mr. Griffin.

About TheLoanSpot
TheLoanSpot is a leading short term lender in the United Kingdom that specializes in providing bad credit loans at competitive rates. Using their own underwriting guidelines they will only extend funding to those individuals that can truly repay the loan. The conscious lending approach utilized by TheLoanSpot has made them a leading lender in terms of both rates and customer service. For more information about the company or to apply for a short term loan please visit the company’s website located at