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Tick Data Suite by Birt Comes with 7 Day FREE Trial for the Professional Forex Traders Who Are Interested in Testing Their Trading Strategy

Using this Tick Data Suite by Birt can help carry out a backtest with a modeling quality of 99%.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/28/2014 -- For those professional forex traders who are interested in backtesting their trading strategy with modeling quality of 99%, Birt has a Tick Data Suite that he is giving for a small price of $97. Standard backtesting with MT4 is inherently flawed. MT4 does not store the actual ticks that come from the broker’s server. It only stores the M1 data with the high, low, open and close and the number of ticks per minute. In order to recreate those ticks, it uses interpolation. So these are essentially fake ticks that bring inaccuracy in the backtesting.

Using this Tick Data Suite by Birt can help resolve this problem and carry out a backtest with a modeling quality of 99%. Birt is giving 7 day FREE trial of his Tick Data Suite. This Tick Data Suite can help in a much better appraisal of the trading strategy. With this Tick Data Suite, the option of variable spreads and slippage is available which makes the back test much more realistic.

About Birt
This is what Birt says about himself: “I’m a Romanian in my mid thirties; I have a very strong background in programming with extensive reverse engineering experience. Even though my CV doesn’t sport an extensive financial section, I believe I have a rather good understanding of the Forex market, acquired since 2003 when I first started to gain significant interest in it. Forex caught my eye as early as 2001, but the only related activity I performed was sporadic demo trading until 2003. I’m not one of those self-proclaimed experienced traders, quite the contrary; however, I do have some trading experience (read: “I burned my fair share of money”). I completely stopped trading both manual and by EA in 2009, the chief reason being that it was exerting too great a psychological stress and I decided it’s just not for me. I have been working as a game programmer for over 10 years; starting with 2012 I am responsible with the automated trading aspect of tradable.”

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