Time to Rethink Small Business; Self-Employment Survival Requires Creativity

To beat the recession, small businesses and startups need to get creative with their ideas and utilize online resources.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2012 -- Studies show that the individuals are turning towards self-employment during the recession. However, the studies also show that self-employed peoples were hit harder by the economic downturn and the exit rate from self-employment is greater than its entrance rate. A new website,, has been launched with the goal of helping entrepreneurs survive self-employment. will provide creative ideas for new businesses. “The ideas can be copied exactly,” said one of the business experts from the website, “but we expect that their inspirational value will be even more important to entrepreneurs. By seeing examples of businesses and markets which are succeeding in spite of the recession, entrepreneurs will be able to adapt and build in the ideas to make their own success.”

Many of the business ideas given at the website rely on the internet, such as virtual services or online storefronts. These ideas are backed by statistics which show that online employment is on the rise and will likely grow. Further, even brick-and-mortar businesses can use online practices to grow, such as by hiring an online workforce. More than 93,000 jobs were posted on the online workforce website oDesk alone in June, which is nearly double the number of traditional jobs added in that month.

“It is clear that entrepreneurs need to rethink the way that they are doing business if they want to survive in this economy. The internet presents one opportunity for expanding, but we will also address other creative ideas which can help small businesses grow.”

In addition to specific business ideas, will also focus on providing low-cost, creative marketing ideas, business strategies and investment opportunities.

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