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Tom's EA That Turned $10K Into $39K in Less Than 2 Years Being Given FREE by Dustin Pass

The performance of Tom’s EA is well documented. It grew $10,000 into $39,000 on autopilot!


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2014 -- Tom’s EA had turned $10K into $39K in less than 2 year. Dustin Pass the developer of Tom’s EA is giving his forex robot FREE. Trading requires iron discipline for controlling the emotions. Traders can’t keep their emotions under control and as a result lose heavily and have subpar trading performance. The solution is using an automated trading system. Dustin Pass has developed Tom’s EA a few years back. Every year, he gives his Tom’s EA FREE for a certain time period. During this time period, he also provides other educational and training material on how to use this EA. Traders can download this EA during the trial period and test it thoroughly on the demo account and even their live account.

The performance of Tom’s EA is well documented. It grew $10,000 into $39,000 on autopilot! During the same time period, $10,000 invested in a buy-and-hold portfolio of the S&P 500 increased to $13,624 producing a gain of only 36.2%. That means that Tom’s EA has outperformed the buy-and-hold portfolio of S&P 500 stocks 8 times over! A number of users have posted the results they have achieved with this robot on the third party site myfxbook. Tom’s EA will be released in the next few days. Dustin Pass will also be releasing a few training videos along with the EA. He will also be holding a few training webinars. During the trial period Tom’s EA will be fully functional.

About Dustin Pass
Dustin was an auto mechanic when he discovered the world of forex trading. He immersed himself into learning forex. Soon he started trading news. Most trader fear trading the news and stay away from the market at the time of the news release. He became an expert at news trading. He became a millionaire trading the news before even he was 29. Dustin Pass has successfully developed a number of forex software.

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