MagicPay Merchant Services LLC

Top Payment Processing and Top Web Marketing Combine - A Formula for Success

MagicPay has partnered with Rank My Web to not only deliver the best in merchant services, but to ensure merchants have as many customers as possible to process.


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2014 -- A retail merchant who can master the forces of the vast sea of opportunity that is the internet has the power to command their own destiny. Internet marketing is no longer simply limited to web pages and PC’s and laptops. Accurately strategizing and positioning ones business online means tapping into resources and a customer base that extends to websites, social media and mobile devices all over the globe.

Renowned South Florida-based merchant services and payment solutions provider MagicPay is very pleased to be able to announce a new joint venture with Rank My RankMyWeb is a well-seasoned and highly professional internet solutions and marketing agency with a long-established history of success. Additionally, MagicPay’s relationship with RMW has been cultivated over years of direct business between the two companies.

“As always,” stated Rami Levi of MagicPay, “our goal is to ensure that when a merchant joins our team, they have access to the best services possible. We never stop searching for new credit card payment solutions or virtual merchant services options for the POS, internet or wireless. And now, we want to expand what we offer by helping our clients not only collect payments accurately, safely and affordably, but by helping them drive more customers to their payment gateways as well.”

RankMyWeb is itself a deliverer of top-quality services and a leader in the web design and marketing field. RMW works with clients from the ground up, planning and executing web solutions with a continuous strategy of traffic generation, social networking and mobile solutions to enhance and strengthen their clients’ businesses.

RankMyWeb offers expert website design services including the total integration of the most advanced merchant payment systems. The company has honed their marketing skills to include impressive social engagements, mobile marketing, SEO and solid lead and traffic generation techniques. They can expand on these services to offer their and MagicPay’s customers full Cloud-based solutions as well as hybrid Cloud solutions to fit any need and to maximize operational functionality while minimizing costs.

“Like everything else we offer,” added Mr. Levi, “we were very careful to ensure that adding RankMyWeb was a good decision. We pride ourselves on quality and after our experiences with this fine company, I’m completely confident in bringing them into partnership with MagicPay.”

With the addition of an experienced and professional web marketing firm at their side, MagicPay has greatly expanded the value it offers to its current and future customers. To be successful in business, it’s critical to not only take a payment, but develop lines of engagement that allow the transaction to take place at all. Any retail merchant who wishes to grow more successful and profitable in today’s digital world will do well to work with MagicPay and its new partner RankMyWeb.