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Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/06/2013 -- Tinnitus is a typical and upsetting issue that triggers noise or buzzing within the ears, even in the absence of actual physical noise. It is an indication of a fundamental health concern like ear damage or age-related hearing loss. It is reported that 12 million Americans are suffering from the condition, which is more common in men than in women, and more prevalent with advancing age.

There are home remedies that have been known to help alleviate tinnitus. Because the condition springs from certain nutritional deficiencies, it is recommended to take vitamins such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A and E, as well as minerals like Calcium and Zinc. In terms of medical treatments for tinnitus, there are available treatments to choose from.

TinnitusTreatmentGuide.org is dedicated to providing comprehensive information about tinnitus as a bothersome condition that impairs people from accomplishing even the most ordinary daily tasks. The website features some of the best treatments sold in the market, and provides detailed reviews of them to assist buyers in making the right choice.

TinnitusTreatmentGuide.org suggests that in choosing the right tinnitus treatment, it pays to be cautious about bogus items out there that cost consumers a lot of money, and not in any way relieve the problem. The website advises individual to read the label and find out about the ingredients, which should be well-explained by the manufacturer and contained in the package.

According to TinnitusTreatmentGuide.org, reading customer testimonials also helps in verifying the efficacy of the products.

In an aim to help people find real and lasting tinnitus relief, TinnitusTreatmentGuide.org has compiled a list of two of the most trustworthy products in the market. The website recommends Tinnitus Control, which comes in a pack of homeopathic spray that helps control the buzzing and ringing in the ears, and the dietary supplement that should be taken daily to experience long-term ear health.

Also recommended by TinnitusTreatmentGuide.org is Tinnarex, a product produced by Native Remedies. Tinnarex contains ginkgo biloba for healthy hearing, vervain to support well-being, rosemary for balanced mood, and green oats for healthy circulation.

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