Tractorup Created Awareness About National Ag Day and Encouraged Young People to Consider Career Opportunities in Agriculture

Every year, the Agriculture Council of America hosts the National Ag Week including the National Ag Day.


Holland, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/02/2014 -- The National Ag Day in America falls during the National Ag Week in March. On this day, producers, corporations, universities, agricultural associations and many others across America gather together to recognize and celebrate the abundant yield provided by agriculture. The National Ag Day, 2014 was recently celebrated on 25 March 2014. It is usually hosted by The Agricultural Council of America and is held on a national level. The main aim of celebrating Ag Day is to encourage every American:

- To understand the production of food and fiber products.

- To value the important role of Agriculture contributing in maintaining a strong economy.

- To appreciate the supply of affordable and safe products.

Many things that are used on a daily basis, such as eatables and clothes are produced using the products or the byproducts of agriculture. Very few people actually know about this truth. Children are taught about these things only if they opt for a vocational course related to it. Participating in this recent event,, supported the cause of promoting the National Ag Day and encouraged youngsters to take up a career in Agriculture.

A few key points that state the importance of celebrating the Ag Day is as follows:

1. This would help one increase his knowledge about agriculture and nutrition that would further help them in following a self informed personal diet plan.

2. Citizens would be allowed to participate in establishing policies that will support the growth of the agricultural industry within the country and outside.

3. Employment opportunities in the following sectors of agriculture:

- Agribusiness management and marketing
- Food Science
- Farm production
- Agricultural Research and Engineering
- Education
- Processing and retailing
- Banking
- Urban planning
- Landscape architecture
- Energy

And other fields.

4. Children must be introduced to the basics of agriculture right from kindergarten to the 12th grade.

Keeping all these points in mind, with the basic intention of creating awareness among those who do not know the real value of agriculture and its contributions the National Ag Day is celebrated every year. As mentioned above, it is a way to spread awareness and knowledge about agriculture and mainly to encourage the youth of today to take up a career in the field of agriculture.

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