Travel and Hospitality Press Releases

Newport Beach Boat Parade Excitement Elevates as Traditional Event Unfolds in Eight Weeks

As the holiday season draws closer, enthusiasm for the highly anticipated Newport Beach Boat Parade builds up. In about eight weeks, visitors to Newport Beach, California will find themselves amidst bedazzling holiday lights and cheerful music in the grand event featuring luxuriously decorated boats to delight the viewers.

The Periwinkle Inn Announces Early Bird Promotion for 2015 Reservations

While the summer of 2014 is now a distant memory, many are already planning what is in store for the summer of 2015. To help kick-start the planning process, the Periwinkle Inn has announced an “early bird” promotion for 2015 reservations. Guests will need to make their reservation prior to January 1, 2015 to take part in the savings. When planning the next vacation to the Jersey shore, skip staying in one of the many Cape May motels and try their luxurious boutique hotel.

Good Fellas Death Sauce Challenge Attracts Hundreds of Pizza Lovers in Scranton

Good Fellas, the well-known fast food restaurant in Scranton organizes a death sauce competition, which attracts fast food lovers, pizza diners and a number of spectators. The death sauce competition is a fairly simple task of completing a plate of 10 wings spun in the death sauce within 5 minutes. And the winners of the competition are given the right to purchase the Death sauce challenge T-shirt. As an added credit the photos of the winners are placed on the Death sauce challenge wall.

Retracing Historic Steps at St. Augustine

Regardless of where you are in or what time of the year it is, going back in time is still something that is considered to be impossible. This, coupled with man’s innate curiosity about things foreign to them, have caused many individuals to seek ways of bringing the past back.

Butterfield 8 NYC Announces Daily Happy Hour Specials for Fall Season

LogoButterfield 8 is pleased to bring the best happy hour to Midtown, this upcoming fall season. Summer is quickly ending, and college students are dreading to go back to school. With reading assignments, homework, and school projects on every student’s mind, one thing they can look forward to an affordable happy hour. After a busy day of classes, college students of NYC can stop by Butterfield 8 for $3 & $5 beers, along with $5 house wines and mixed drinks. Happy Hour is available Monday-Friday, from 4pm-7pm at the bar.

Website Gives a Visual Representation of Ireland in All Its Glory to Invite Travelers

Ireland on Video introduces Ireland - the place famous for being the home of Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde and its green countryside and leprechauns. Other than narrate the trivial matters about the 3rd largest European island, the site aims to call out to everyone to book a ticket for a flight to Dublin then catch a ride on one of the ferries to Ireland and embark on a thrilling adventure in the country.

City Tap House Restaurant in Philly Announces Fall Flavored Events- Save the Dates

LogoOn Saturday, September 21, celebrate the beginning of Germany’s famed Oktoberfest with seasonal food specials and German-style craft beers at The Best “Wurst” Saturday Ever hosted by City Tap House, a restaurant in Philly. Beginning at 1 p.m., the kitchen will prepare and serve an extended menu of Bavarian fare, while many of the bar’s 60 taps will be dedicated to both local and world beers brewed in honor of the annual suds festival. Both food and beer will be available all day and night on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, and TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb will provide live musical entertainment.

Diving Horse Gentlemen's Club Announces New Saturday Specials

LogoThe Diving Horse Gentlemen’s Club has become known throughout New Jersey as one the of the premier strip clubs in New Jersey. Much more than a conventional club, the Diving Horse Gentlemen’s Club has been voted the best place for guy’s night out two years in a row. Plus, guests of the Diving Horse Gentlemen’s Club are offered a fine dining experience at the on-site steakhouse. There is simply no experience comparable to that found at the Diving Horse Gentlemen’s Club. VIP service and a variety of bars make every night a memorable one. With the start of football season, Diving Horse Gentlemen’s Club is offering some great new specials on Pre-game Saturdays.

Public House Restaurant in National Harbor Announces Coors Light Cup Club

LogoPublic House National Harbor is pleased to introduce the new Coors Light Cup Club. Members of the club will receive bottomless Coors Light bottles half-price boneless wings, cheesesteak spring rolls and nachos for the low price of $20. Individuals who sign up for the club at the popular restaurant in National Harbor will have the chance to win complimentary gift cards and a Super Bowl party for the member and 30 of his/her guests. This new promotion will solidify Public House as the top sports bar in its area.

Harrington's Pub & Kitchen Announces Live Music Every Saturday Night

LogoHarrington’s Pub & Kitchen, quickly becoming one of the most established National Harbor restaurants, is pleased to announce live music and drink specials every Saturday night. Harrington’s Pub & Kitchen cares about the local music scene, which is why they are giving some of the area’s top local bands the chance to rock out in front of a live audience. Live musical acts will include the Lloyd Dobbler Effect, Dale & The Z Dubs, The Piranhas and local Irish acoustic favorites. Late-night drinking is available and there is no cover charge to attend the live performances at this preferred music venue. Party Rock Saturday nights are great for birthdays, bachelorette parties, and girls’ night out specials. For more information on the performance dates and times, please call 301-909-2505.

The Little Spanish Town in St. Augustine

Although Spain is a considerably small country, at one point in time, it was considered to be one of the world powers. Back then, it was able to take control of a large number of areas in what was to become the United States. One of the towns that had been under their control was St. Augustine.

Taking a Dive at the Largest City in the US

History has time and again taught us that most civilizations start near bodies of water. It should, therefore, not come as a surprise the fact that Jacksonville is now considered as the 12th most populous city in the US. Of course, it also helps that they are considered to be the largest city by area within contiguous US. But is there more to Jacksonville than water and lots of people?

Visiting NYC on a Budget-$40 Challenge Corporate Profile's NYC Urban Guidebook Latest Video Series

LogoThink you need big pockets to tour NYC? Think again says, AnnaMaria Chen, guide to the Corporate Profile’s NYC Urban Guidebook video series, currently streaming on ClearVISION. Corporate Profile, a multi-media news provider, creating original daily news segments, has posted a budget conscious approach on seeing the city on the cheap.

Adventure Park & Hotel Vista Golfo Offers All the Exotic Adventure of Costa Rica in an Enthralling Trip

Adventure Park & Hotel Vista Golfo offers all the exotic adventure of Costa Rica in an enthralling trip. They make the whole Costa Rica tour, a captivating experience which covers the thrilling and entertaining activities which involve fun-filled activities through waterfalls, jungles, mountains and many more. Their customized tour package is an amazing way to enjoy the nature and has a solemnizing experience without putting a step in the dangers of the jungle.

Adventure Park & Hotel Vista Golfo Offers Pulsating Costa Rica Tours to Unleash Flair for Adventures

Adventure Park & Hotel Vista Golfo offers Pulsating Costa Rica tours to unleash flair for adventures. Their Costa Rica tours provide a great opportunity to tourists to navigate the attractions of this exotic country whether for single traveler, families and groups. Their Zip lines in Costa Rica are in forests or scenic locations, giving a rider an adrenaline rush as well as the liveliness of natural surroundings.

Adventure Park & Hotel Vista Golfo Offers Fun-Filled Adventure of Canopy Tours for All Thrill Seekers

Adventure Park & Hotel Vista Golfo offers fun-filled adventure of Canopy Tours for all thrill seekers. The waterfall Canopy Tour in Costa Rica includes platforms, zip line cables of different sizes, the tree houses, suspension bridges and all the fun and thrill. One can participate in their high ropes adventure courses individually or as a group. They provide detailed safety and equipment orientation to their guests on their arrival and equip them with all the necessary personal gear for the pulsating entertainment.

Bed & Breakfast Opens at Historic Site of James Madison's Birthplace

Belle Grove Plantation, historic site and the birthplace of James Madison, fourth president of the United States, author of the Bill of Rights and the acknowledged “Father of the Constitution”, is opening to the public for the first time in its history as a bed and breakfast.

Enjoying California's Oldest County

When California became a state in 1850, it was able to create a number of counties in order to facilitate the management of government affairs. One of the counties that were formed was that of the Sacramento County.

Little-Known Life-Saving and Restaurant-Saving Tips

LogoIf you’ve lived in any city for around ten years or more, you’ve probably noticed change. More people. More cars. More businesses. And definitely MORE RESTAURANTS!

Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives Now Offering Free Maui Jim Sunglasses when Booking Group Travel Incentives

One of the most exciting times for a business is the announcement that employees are being treated to a getaway vacation or retreat when reaching a certain goal. Traveling with coworkers and employers builds employee morale and motivates the workers to continue their efforts in order to reach the next goal. Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives is pleased to announce they are now offering free Maui Jim sunglasses for employee participants who book their group incentive travel programs by December 15, 2013. Maui Jim is a luxury sunglasses retailer offering both men’s and women’s stylish, athletic-type sunglasses.

Getting to Know the Beauty and History of Searcy, Arkansas

The city of Searcy is more than just another one of those nondescript places that are unfortunately passed over and thought of as nothing more than just names on the map, but the truth is that the city holds a great deal of significance not just for the folks that live there but also to the United States itself. During the Civil War, the city of Searcy played a significant role in the events that transpired, and for history buffs, a trip there could show them just exactly how this place played such a prominent role in the nation’s history.

Planning a Trip to the Skydiving Capital of the World

Adrenaline junkies attempt to get their fix however they can. They take up exciting hobbies and befriend like-minded people so that they can have companions along for say, when the opportunity to drive a car off a cliff becomes available. It’s a lifestyle that probably isn’t for everyone, but for the few who do enjoy these activities, they need to know of the few places that are actually suitable to them. One such place is Eloy, Arizona, and apart from the warm and appealing weather, it’s a place that’s worth going to if only for the fact that it is known as the skydive capital of the world.

Seeing the Gorgeous South in the Springtime

As pretty and as scenic as the setting may be in cities like New York and Los Angeles during the springtime, they’d still be hard pressed to outdo the type of majestic and natural beauty that takes hold over the southern cities during that time of the year. The flowers are blooming, the trees are at their greenest and that part of the country simply becomes more spectacular during that time of the year, enough so that the absence of a visit there basically means that people are really missing out on a delightful trip. So yeah, it is time to make a few plans, and maybe use these days to put together a little early vacation, because if there is anything worth seeing during the springtime, it’s the gorgeous scenery of the south, particularly the one that belongs to Augusta, Georgia.

Behold the Beauty of Bellflower from Up Close

The Golden State known as California has long been regarded as paradise not just for fame-seekers but for people that love fair weather and beautiful scenery. It’s a beautiful place by almost any measure, and there are several cities there that certainly fit the bill for being beautiful. One such place is Bellflower, California, and over the years, the city itself and the community there has evolved to meet its surroundings. It’s a change that has been utterly pleasant for everyone, be they residents or tourists, and just another reason why a trip to the city of Bellflower needs to be a greater priority for eager excursionists looking for new and exciting places to visit.

Witnessing the Way of Life in Texas City

The oil industry has been labeled as a potentially corrupt industry in the last few years because of all the controversies that have begun to surround it. Now, although certain oil companies have indeed crossed the line in terms of bad business practices and all manner of shenanigans, that should take nothing away from the other oil companies that have done it the right way from the very beginning. It shouldn’t be taken away from the oil companies that do it the right way that the way they conduct business is above and beyond their competition. It’s something worth seeing in action actually, and a visit to Texas City can help show people the efficient nature of the oil industry.

Going on the Scenic Interstate 5 Break

It cannot be helped that, at one point in your life, you would need to travel from one state to the next. This means that, there would come a time when you have to pass by an interstate highway. If you are in the state of California, one of the major interstates that you would probably have to use would be the Interstate 5.

Health and Wellness Travel Portal Adds Philippines to Its Popular Medical Tourism Destinations

International medical tourism has a new hotspot, according to health and wellness travel portal, which has added the Philippines to its list of top medical tourism destinations. “Medical tourism in the Philippines is consistently growing,” said Jidapa Julakasilp, Co-founder and Managing Director of “It’s not as readily recognized as a medical tourism destination like other long-established countries, such as Singapore, India or Thailand, but the Philippines has great potential.”