Travel and Hospitality Press Releases

Epteca Selected for Traveltech Lab, the UK's Premier Incubator for Travel Technology Start-Ups

Epteca announced this week they have been selected as one of only 13 companies from over a 100 that applied to be part of the Traveltech Lab, the UK's first-ever incubator for travel technology start-ups.

OV Holidays Introducing Amilla Fushi as the Newest Resort in Maldives

OV Holidays is now presenting new Amilla Fushi in its collection of Maldives Luxury Resorts.

Announcement: African Tourism Is Expecting Increase in Tourism in 2013-2014

United Kingdom, July 17, 2013 – In the last two quarters of 2013 starting from July, Travel Street will be offering discounts for individuals who are travelling from the UK to Africa by plane. Travelers are encouraged to book ahead of time in order to avoid any delays.

Fiesta Americana Ranks Amongst the Best Hotels in Mexico, Offers Up to 50% Savings on Its Resorts

Fiesta Americana, a hotel brand operated by the leading Mexican firm Grupo Posadas, has received numerous positive reviews on making it one of the best hotels in Mexico. Exclusive vacation packages with up to 50% savings are also being offered by Fiesta Americana on selected hotels and resorts.

Cheap Vacation Deals for Every Destination

Planning for a vacation with a meager budget is now possible with the great vacation deals that are offered by through Cha-ching booking service. The world is a beautiful place to explore and now budget constraints can no longer stop one from being an avid explorer with the cheap vacation deals offered through this exclusive service provider.

Peak Performance Reveals 5 News Reasons as to Why Incentive Travel Programs Outperforms Cash Incentives

As a premier business travel agency, Peak Performance has just revealed five new and big reasons why travel incentives outperform cash or other merchandise that can be found on their website. Through numerous studies, the company has found that with the right goal or prize, employees will work harder to increase sales. Any business owner knows that without the right team members, the performance and growth of the company will be affected, so what better way is there to reward an employee other than offering them the chance to have an incentive travel trip. A trip will not only create a positive vibe in the office, but it will allow for healthy competition as well as increase employee loyalty and productivity.

Flotilla Sailing in Greece: Wise Decision for a Memorable Holiday

The season for Flotilla sailing in Greece is at its peak now. The sun is warm, waters are smooth and the wind is apt to fill the sails. Tourists from across the globe travel to Greece to enjoy the sheer pleasure of sailing on the beautiful waters as a fleet. Apart from the factor that its fun and bliss to sail the waters of Greece in this time of the year, tourists desire Flotilla sailing as it acts as the grounds for creating new relationships and friendship with other tourists who travel in the fleet.

Delivery for All Announces New Restaurant Delivery App

Delivery For All has announced the release of their new mobile app, enabling food lovers everywhere to ditch their takeout menus in exchange for an easy to use smart phone app. The app brings hundreds of restaurant delivery menus together into one place for easy ordering. “We want ordering of delivery food to be a simple process,” says Trevor Way, owner of Delivery For All. “That’s why we’ve created our new mobile app, and why we’re expanding across the nation as quickly as possible. People deserve great delivery food at a great price, without having to sift through tons of takeout menus or search for dozens of individual delivery restaurants online.”

Travel Insurance Provider Highlights Importance of Travel Insurance Even with EHIC

Insuremore, a provider of single trip travel insurance and other products, is highlighting the importance of taking out a travel insurance policy when travelling to Europe on holiday instead of simply taking an EHIC.

Ryanair Announces New Flight to Sicily from London Stansted

Villas in Sicily have long been popular with holidaymakers keen to experience the fascinating culture and history of this famous island, not to mention the beautiful scenery and gorgeous weather. And now travellers from the UK will have even more chance to travel here following the budget airline Ryanair’s announcement that is is launching a new route from London Stansted to Comiso in Sicily.

Haulage Exchange Can Protect Haulage Companies from Failure

In the face of a number of veteran haulage companies—some had been in business for several decades—folding up, Haulage Exchange remains adamant in its vital role in keeping industry participants working together profitably. Most recently, a good haulier operating in Corby and St Albans has gone into administration, leaving 53 people without a job. But Haulage Exchange remains bullish about its role in not only keeping haulage companies afloat, but also to actually help them do well even amid an increasingly difficult economic climate in the UK.

Markhor Travel Guarantees Cheapest Flights to Pakistan

With the competition there is between the airlines, travel agencies are able to provide customers with cheaper fares to any country around the world. Another advantage travel agencies have over airlines, is that they are able to provide instant comparison to fares offered by the various airlines.

Public House Las Vegas Touts the Success of Their 4th of July BBQ Celebration

Public House Las Vegas touts the success of their recent 4th of July BBQ celebration. Public House celebrated Independence Day this year in style with great food, drinks, and entertainment. Their BBQ menu was filled with many mouthwatering options that made their 4th of July celebration the tastiest one yet. Guests were treated to Baby Back Ribs, Smoked Sausage, Roasted Chicken, Shrimp Scampi and Po-Boy sandwiches. To top it off, Cajun Cole Slaw, Jalapeno Corn Bread and Baked Beans were available as side dishes. Website Launch to Simplify Hotel Booking in Cebu

The launch of new website will make it easier for potential visitors to find hotels in Cebu that meet their standards, expectations and budget, whilst simplifying searches and shortening search time. Launch Introduces Hassle-Free Hotel Booking in Jersey

Travelers looking to enjoy the calm and tranquility of Jersey will now find booking a stay is as effortless as life on the Channel Island itself, thanks to new comparison website

Looking for Cheap Travel and Tours? Take a Look at Hotel Travel Express

Do not know where to spend this weekend with the whole family? Worry no more! Visit Hotel Travel Express and see the list of vacation spots offered at a cheaper price. Having a vacation does not mean spending a lot of money.

A New Certification Examination for HACCP Managers from National Registry of Food Safety Professionals

LogoNational Registry of Food Safety Professionals has developed a new independent examination for HACCP Managers that measures the level of food safety comprehension of workers in the retail and manufacturing industry. The Certified Food Safety HACCP Manager exam is intended for workers in facilities such as food manufacturing, processing plants, food packing, and warehouses storing food for human consumption.

The Most Budget Friendly Hotel Deals - Now Available

People like to stay in hotels during vacations and traveling. The best part about choosing the most exclusive hotel for staying is the fact that it tends to provide the most premium services. The trend has reached the sky over the recent years and now people look forward to acquire hotel rooms at an affordable price. For the very purpose, there are many exceptional deals available for the utmost convenience of individuals.

Lions Give Sydney Its Biggest Week Since the Olympics Reports

The British & Irish Lions may have won the battle on the field, but the real winner from the tour has been the NSW tourism industry according to Tourism and Major Events Minister, George Souris.

Yoga Rocks the Park Summer Series Coming to San Diego in August

Since its launch in 2008, Yoga Rocks the Park (YRP), nationally presented by Natural Fitness, has grown steadily from one small grassroots gathering in Denver, Colorado to one of the fastest growing, family-friendly, outdoor live music, yoga, and wellness celebrations in the United States. YRP has almost doubled its U.S. presence over the last year, with ongoing weekly events in over 14 cities across the country, including Boulder, Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, Portland and many others, with attendance topping over 400 yogis and their families in select cities.

World's Best Class Accommodations at an Affordable Cost Which Is Never Seen Before

One of the most crucial tasks while planning a trip is to find a nice, value for money hotel. People often do not pay required attention to the details while booking a hotel, and end up landing in some disappointing experiences. This is the exact situation where travel portals come to the rescue. For example, when looking for cheap hotels in Munich, opt for a travel portal that offers the minutest details about the hotels in and around Munich. That would make it easier for travelers to zero in on a place to stay.

Back Country Rentals Makes Summer and Winter Vacations Start with a Vroom

An awesome and vroom vacation with family and friends can become a memorable trip if ATV and snowmobiles are the part of the trip. ATV rentals are great for those people who just want to enjoy a great scenery trip and don’t want to buy an ATV which they’ll use occasionally. Renting is one of the best options there is and with Back Country Rentals, every model rented out are in its best condition and optimum style with regular maintenance and service from the crew.

Travel Through Different Terrains with Snowmobile or ATVs Affordably with Back Country Rentals

Who wouldn’t want to have a trip with nature on a fast four wheels or through the white filed snow during winter on a snowmobile? Luckily, one doesn’t have to buy these vehicles if trips like this only come occasionally. Back Country Rentals have the best ATVs and snowmobiles that are great in quality and has amazing models.

New Ways to Discover British Columbia Nature by Back Country Rentals

Back Country Rentals have more than one way to enjoy nature by having ATV tours with friends and families in an adventure like no other and at very affordable deals that most people will definitely beam on. Discovering nature can also be done through ATV and snowmobile rentals aside from hiking and walking.

Yoga Rocks the Park Summer Series Comes to San Francisco in August

Since its launch in 2008, Yoga Rocks the Park (YRP), nationally presented by Natural Fitness, has grown steadily from one small grassroots gathering in Denver, Colorado, to one of the fastest growing family-friendly yoga and wellness festivals in the United States. YRP has almost doubled its U.S. presence over the last year, with weekly ongoing events in over 14 cities across the country, including Boulder, Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, Portland and many others, with attendance topping over 400 yogis and their families in select cities. Announces a New Turn-Key Solution for Travel Sites, a global directory of vacation rentals, hotels, bed and breakfasts, today announced the availability of a new turn-key solution to make it easier for new websites to integrate Rentalo's XML feed. Now Offering Luxury Rental Homes Big Enough to Fit Larger Families

Finding a place to stay that will fit a large family can be one of the most difficult tasks a person has to take on. Therefore, look no further than aka “Luxury Retreat Rental Homes,” as they are now offering luxury rental homes in Orlando, Florida for a reunion or vacation that are big enough to fit large families. With Walt Disney World being so close and numerous on site amenities available, this makes their homes perfect for a family’s next getaway.