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Triactol- Important Information About Triactol's New Campaign


Walpole, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2012 -- Triactol, maker of one of the best natural bust serums on the market, has recently announced their “Flaunt It” campaign and contest. The campaign and contest is part of the company’s larger goal of helping women to feel beautiful. Sadly, too many women feel unattractive, and many of them are simply overwhelmed with societal demands on how they should look.

Triactol has always worked hard to help women feel better about how they look. They pride themselves on showing women how to access and express their true beauty. This campaign and contest is a manifestation of their readiness to be part of the solution.

Finding and Expressing True Inner Beauty

The manufacturers of Triactol want women to express themselves in ways that make them look and feel stunning. In the past, most women had to follow very strict guidelines about their looks. Depending upon when they lived, women may have had to wear tight corsets, stuff themselves into oddly shaped bras, or submit themselves to cumbersome fashion routines. Now, women are much freer to be themselves.

They can wear dresses that are long or short, tops that are low cut or modest. The choice is theirs alone, and they get to determine what makes them feel beautiful. For some women that means corsets and piercings while for other women, it means turtlenecks and pearls. Triactol is inviting women to upload videos of themselves to YouTube, and they are encouraging women to talk about why they feel beautiful.

Great Prizes

As part of their contest, Triactol is offering free products to anyone who comments on their blog. Each week through the end of January 2013, the Triactol bloggers are going to be discussing a different aspect of the idea of flaunting it. Women who comment on the “Flaunt It” blog entries are automatically entered to win a prize.

Each week, one blog commenter is randomly selected to win a prize: a free month of bust serum and a spa package that is worth $240. The company is also offering prizes for affiliates who want to work with them. Affiliates can partner with Triactol in their quest to help women feel more attractive, and these affiliates can win up to $500. In some cases, affiliates may be eligible for smaller cash prizes as well.

The Perfect Blend of Science and Natural Ingredients

Triactol is a bust serum made from totally natural ingredients, many of which have been used by women for centuries. Their bust serum is made by Smith Meyers Laboratories, a cosmeceutical company that is run by American, German, and Asian scientists. They ship their products to women from all corners of the globe, and all of their products are supported by extensive research, experience, and clinical trials.

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