Tropicalaser of Long Island Announces Arrival of Revolutionary New Cavi-Lipo System

Cavi-Lipo replaces surgical ultrasound to produce results without the risks of surgery, Tropicalaser reports.


Garden City, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/28/2014 -- Tropicalaser of Long Island today announced the arrival of Cavi-Lipo, a new, non-surgical liposuction method that promises to revolutionize this popular anti-fat treatment. It has set up a website at to explain the new process and make it easy for interested visitors to get more information. Tropicalaser's Cavi-Lipo clinic in Garden City, NY, is also offering an introductory 1 + 1 Special. With this offer, patients can buy one Cavi-Lipo session and get the next one free.

"With this amazing new technique, there is no need for surgery or to have fat literally sucked out of the body," explained Christine Pelling of Tropicalaser. "Instead, it uses ultrasound to break down fat tissue beneath the skin. The broken-down tissue is then metabolized by the liver and leaves the body through the normal excretory processes. This eliminates the risk of surgery-related infections as well as the possibility of visible scarring."

Despite the "Lipo" in its name, Cavi-Lipo doesn't involve suction at all. It is named that way both because it still deals with fat and to let people get an immediate idea of the effects it is meant to produce. The "Cavi" part of the name refers to its actual technical term: ultrasound cavitation. The ultrasound's fat-breakdown effects result in blank areas, or cavities, where the fat once was.

"Because of the way this works, it almost always requires multiple sessions to get the best results," Pelling said. "Results can be seen after the first visit, but multiple sessions will allow for full sculpting of the targeted area at a safe and healthy rate. Our 1 + 1 Special, which allows people to get a free session with every purchased one, makes it easy to take the number of sessions needed to fully attain their goals."

Since the broken-down fat must be metabolized, it's important to not do too much work at the same time. This helps to ensure that the liver can keep up with the incoming tissue and handle it well. "We work with the body instead of against it to make sure that the results not only look nice, but are safe for the patient," Pelling said.

Even though the Cavi-Lipo system is new to the United States, it has actually been used for several years in Europe and Japan. Therefore, patients can rest assured that it is fully tested. Now that it has U.S. FDA approval, it and all of its benefits are available in this country. To schedule an introduction to Cavi-Lipo, readers can call (516) 302-4269 or visit the website at

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Tropicalaser of Long Island started out offering laser hair removal services and other beauty treatments. Now, it has added Cavi-Lipo to its offerings to help its customers gain even more beauty benefits. Visit for more information or to schedule an introductory visit.

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