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Trucks for Sale Figures Tell Us That the UK Economy Is Still Moving, Says Mac's Trucks

Trucks for sale metrics are a good barometer of the state of the economy and shows that it is still moving


West Yorkshire, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/10/2012 -- It doesn’t matter which way it is looked at: the state of the UK economy can be seen by the amount of sales of new and used trucks.

The Government can churn out as many facts and figures as it wants about how bad the economy is. But the fact that the GDP is down for the second quarter does not mean that the country is actually going back into recession. True, the country has been in recession for a long time, and it has become hard work for many trying to make a living.

And it is hard to see the country going back to the dizzy heights of 2007. Perhaps many people will not see this again in their lifetimes.

It doesn’t help that the recession-proof TV news reporters on their £100,000,000 salaries sit there in Armani clothes and in their own little bubble, telling everyone else how bad it is every morning, before calling in to Harvey Nicks for afternoon coffee.

Everyone says the same: if they stopped reporting it, the recession would be over. When everyone is told that it is going to be bad, they stick their hands in their pockets, just in case. They may know different, but that does not stop them from doing it.

When the GDP score was recently announced, it was as if someone had tripped over the incoming phone cable and ripped it from the wall.

However, there is no doubt that used trucks are selling. That means that people are moving raw materials, making things to be moved to factories where they are fitted to something else that are moved to the shops where people buy them. Everything that people use, touch and smell has got there by truck.

Yes, there will be ups and downs, but the long-term outlook is that things are moving.

When looking at figures for trucks for sale, it is clear that removal trucks are selling more than before. Curtain side and box vans are also moving. The truck mounted crane is getting off the ground again. This means that someone is buying, someone is selling and someone is delivering something.

It’s true that a lot of people have lost jobs and businesses, and this should not be dismissed. But things are moving again. High-street shops are always griping about sales, but they always have done and always will do. The internet has taken a lot of their business away.

But this is never the best barometer of the economy.

The fact that removal trucks and commercial trucks are selling means that the housing market is doing OK. The estate agency is still on the high street, furniture shops are still open. This all means that business within the housing market is doing OK.

There seem to be more new registered cars on the road than ever before, the restaurants always seem busy when people are looking to book a table, people still find it hard to find a parking space in the town centres and shopping complexes on a Sunday.

Also, the sale of crane vehicles, tipper and plant vehicles suggests that the building market is moving again. Curtain siders, boxes and flats implies that manufacturing is moving again.

This does not mean that many people will say that business is fantastic, and this is because they remember the early to mid 2000s. But those days should be forgotten and more attention should be put on now.

There are also types of trucks that are not selling and this suggests that some areas of industry are not doing so well.

So forget the politicians, forget the news crews, and forget the red tops. People should instead go with the feeling that things are getting better, because they are. Everyone knows it, and just because those pesky newspeople on too much money do not know what’s going on, that does not mean that everyone else does not know either.

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