TrustRev Announces New Website Launch to Serve as Genuine Review Platform


Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2014 -- TrustRev is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, which will act as a unique platform to provide real, verified user ratings and reviews that will benefit both the businesses and customer!

TrustRev has created this website with an aim to become an online source for providing genuine and verified reviews written by real people, and not by some software or business owners themselves who create fake accounts to leave five star reviews. In fact, this platform will help consumers to make informed decisions based on the real reviews and experiences shared by the real customers. Besides, it will help businesses as well by enabling them to gain the trust of potential customers and turning them into paying customers instantly.

“A quote by the owner of this site will help lend credibility to this press release”

So how does it work?

They have a unique algorithm where more than 24 metrics are used for analyzing the authenticity of a review, which further helps in giving true overview regarding the state of business, products, services & brand.

Why TrustRev is better than any other review platform out there?
- Unlike other review platforms, it’s impossible to fake a review on TrustRev.
- They have a unique algorithm that scans each and every review to calculate the likelihood of its being real.
- Businesses can gain a lot from it, as the TrustRev Logo will enhance the credibility of a business and more and more customers will trust it.
- According to a research, it has been revealed that the ROI of a company goes up by 23%, when the TrustRev Logo is displayed.
- Setting up their service is quick & easy.
- Businesses will experience an increase in their brand awareness amongst customers.
- Since it’s a higher ranking site, their service will help businesses in their SEO.

About TrustRev
TrustRev is a unique online platform which is dedicated towards providing users with honest and reliable reviews written by real people. In fact, they have the internet’s most reliable and transparent rating system which helps websites to gain more trust and earn more revenue. They have been in the field of online marketing since more than 15 years and have a highly specialized team of IT, sales & marketing professionals.

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