Truth About Abs Review Reveals Long-Term Results of Popular Fitness Program talks in detail about Mike Geary's fitness program for burning fat and getting ripped abs.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2014 -- Statistics reveal that 8 out of 10 people fail to keep their weight off. Sadly this fact coupled with various products and exercise programs in the market don't deliver the results they promise, it’s not surprising that many simply surrender to a life to being overweight.

"Truth About Six-Pack Abs", an exclusive fitness training program that is based on the idea that men and women have different bodies. This difference means each person has specific needs for nutrition and exercise. The eBook, developed by certified nutrition specialist and personal trainer Mike Geary, addresses this fact by laying out different diets and routines to help fitness enthusiasts reach their specific goals.

The team at offers its insights on the program and why commitment to the program is essential for long-term results.

"This isn’t a quick fix or 'get six-pack abs' overnight type of book," said the team from "Instead, [Mike] explains that have making long-term changes to your lifestyle will help achieve six-pack abs."

According to, “There are many the scam tactics of many products out there, including magic pills and quick fixes, that all make empty and often health-harming promises.” However, the team reveals why the Truth About Abs Program is so popular.

“Consistency and eating clean are the secrets of getting sexy abs. Dedication and a having a system that works will guarantee results,” said “If a six pack was easy, then everyone would have them. It’s the result of truly committing yourself to a healthy lifestyle.”

Truth About Six-Pack Abs provides real insights on what makes up healthy eating for sustainable fitness. It exposes the so called "health" foods that people never knew would actually cause stomach fat. In addition, the eBook can be carried out safely by men and women, young and old, without having to go the gym. From the comforts of their own home, the bodyweight exercises can be easily done, using mainly dumbbells and a stability ball.

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Truth About Abs Program features the fitness training program "Truth About Six-Pack Abs" developed by fitness and nutrition expert Mike Geary. The website offers an in-depth informative review on the eBook.