Twylight Seven Shines Through with New Album Manila Sunrise

Twylight Seven Revolutionizes Fusion music with his brand of Cool-Hop and new album, Manila Sunrise


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/02/2014 -- Fusion artist Twylight Seven is about to enjoy the spotlight he has been working toward with the November 20 release of new album Manila Sunrise.

His musical contributions include debut EP Graf7iti Talk (2012) and the single “Diamond Mind” released in October on WiFi PR’s Indie Anthems Vol. 3 at the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon in New York. The 10 tracks selected for Manila Sunrise display inspirations from all over the world, and their sound is a compelling representation of those influences. Manila Sunrise is poised to land Twylight Seven more recognition as an established artist.

Twylight Seven really began developing his own particular style of writing and composing through performances with Caribbean all-acoustic fusion outfit, Terrenaissance. He writes and composes all of his songs, but he is inspired by his work with other musicians and album producer Beebo, who he says helped to bring out ideas for Manila Sunrise’s original blend of hip-hop, jazz, soul, folk, Capoeira, MPB, blues, calypso, spoken word and his own niche genre, Cool Hop.

Cool Hop is Twylight Seven’s own unique style of music that he says comes from the experience of migration, and the diverse languages, rituals, traditions and cultures he was surrounded by as a child. Twylight Seven wrote the lyrics and music on Manila Sunrise during travels in the Philippines, the UK, Kuwait, Haiti, Barbados and the United States, to name a few, which has contributed to his authentic, worldly sound. With Hip-Hop sensibilities in some of the spoken word lyrics and a soft, melodic backing sound, Cool Hop stands to revolutionize fusion music as we know it.

Even the musicians who work with Twylight Seven have a hard time describing his sound without listing a slew of genres. Comparing him to other artists is even more difficult. His sound is truly unique and crosses many bridges across the world of music, drawing comparisons to Nujabes, Tricky, Sussan Deyhim and Paul Simon. Some songs do point to inspirations of other artists, including Tracy Chapman, Gil Scott-Heron, Merchant, Sade and Djavan.

Twylight Seven uses a unique array of instruments, including a specially-designed bass steelpan, the ‘Tubass’, and the berimbau, which he learned to play as a practitioner of Capoeira Angola, first in France and later in Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Philippines and Brazil, some of the countries he credits as sources of his musical influences. Proof of the vast number of influences in his Cool Hop style lies in the lyrical content of Manila Sunrise, which is written in both English and Portuguese. His poetic command of both languages shines through in this album, and each track is sung beautifully to the pinnacle of its softness and beauty.

Twylight Seven has recorded with a number of different artists, producers and studios, but recorded and mixed Manila Sunrise exclusively with musician-producer Beebo, whose Hip-Hop and Reggae background contributed to the rhythm and feel of the record. This collaboration took place at Lion’s Den Studios, the famous pyramid studio in Trinidad and Tobago which draws its name from former owner and Calypso legend, the Roaring Lion. The studio is a haven from emerging Hip-Hop and Soca artists, making it the perfect backdrop for this album’s coming into fruition. Mastering of the album took place at PKM in New York with the expert help of Phillip Klum who Twylight Seven found while looking for technicians associated with Björk’s Post, one of his favorite albums.

You can hear more of Twylight Seven’s music on his Afropunk, MySpace and MTV pages. The album is available for purchase on BandCamp with singles available on all major platforms, and the Graf7iti Talk EP is available to Facebook and Twitter fans for free via download link.

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