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Types of Heart Diseases and Their Treatments Revealed by What Is a Heart Murmur

Common questions about heart disease symptoms and heart murmurs and its types are explained in detail by Dr. Elnahas new website


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/17/2012 -- Dr. Elnahas clears the confusion among the people by explaining the definition of heart murmur. According to the review, heart murmur is an abnormal sound made during a heartbeat cycle which can be detected by a doctor using a stethoscope. For the people who get panic knowing they have a heart murmur, Dr. Elnahas explain that having a heart murmur itself cannot be considered as having a heart disease. But there might be some cases where it needs follow up in order to know whether there are any underlying heart diseases.

It may be astonishing to know that heart murmurs are commonly reported among adults as well as children. These heart murmurs among both adults and kids can be classified in to two types such as innocent and abnormal. While innocent murmurs do not require a treatment, abnormal murmurs need medical attention. Dr Elnahas explains in detail what can be considered as an innocent heart murmur, an abnormal heart murmur and most importantly their causes as well. As a point to be noted, the website specifies abnormal heart murmurs among kids are caused mostly by congenital heart defects. Some of the symptoms of kids having heart murmurs include excessive sweating, fast breathing and shortness of breath. However, treatments for heart murmurs among kids and children both will vary upon the type of the heart problem. As per the experts, it could involve a surgery or medication.

The website answers another common question about what a heart block is, and its symptoms in detail. Further adding, Dr. Elnahas points that heart block is more common in the old age group. Depending on the severity of the block, it can be classified in to three levels such as first degree heart block, second degree and third degree and the treatment for a heart block will vary according to the mentioned degree level.

The website also focuses on another common heart condition known as Angina. Around 6.5 million people are estimated to be having angina in the United States alone, with 350,000 fresh cases being added every year. The question is do people know exactly what is angina. Dr. Elnahas explains it as a chest pain or a squeezing sensation which results from the reduced oxygen supply to the heart muscle. There can be many causes to angina and it is usually felt during hard work and relieved when the person rests.There are several classifications of angina as described by the website such as nocturnal angina, stable angina, angina decubitus, variant angina and unstable angina.

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