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Tyronne Jacques New Novel 14 Notches Is Now Available on Kindle for $1.00

New New Orleans Based Novel 14 NOTCHES is not available on Kindle from $1.00 says publisher. The promotion will run until April 20 to encourage more readers to download the acclaim novel.


New Orleans, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/08/2014 -- Raegan Publishing has just announced that they had released the latest novel from author Tyronne Jacques on Kindle for only $1.00 as part of their promotional launch. The New Orleans based Novel 14 Notches has received rave reviews from early screeners which is also why Raegan Publishing has decided to offer the novel at the lowest possible price, says Director of Marketing Ron Collins.

“The reason we discounted the price wasn’t because of the quality of the book, but we believe we have a winner in signing Tyronne Jacques and would like as many people as possible to read this gift to the Book World.”

14 NOTCHES starts outs as an unusual romance between a slave named Beatrice and her master, but quickly takes a very dark turn. The book takes readers on an unbelievable ride from the French Quarters in the 1830’s and delivers them to a major drama filled climax in current day. Author Tyronne Jacques says he wanted to tell a side of Slavery in New Orleans that many or unaware of, and a story that he feels is naturally New Orleans.

“I love the history of New Orleans, and many of the stories that have passed down from my Grandmother. What many people may not know about New Orleans during the time of Slavery was there wasn’t the traditional plantations that existed in other cities throughout the South, therefore Slaves and their Masters lived in very close proximity. So close that the relationship often involved more intimacy, bonding, and more sexual involvement then on traditional plantations. My book 14 Notches captures that intimacy.”

Where to buy 14 NOTCHES by Tyronne Jacques

14 NOTCHES is now available on in paperback as well as Kindle at the $1.00 promotional price. To order a copy of 14 NOTCHES please visit 14 NOTCHES ON AMAZON

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