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UK Company Leads the Way in Beating Internet Fraud

Statistics show that there is a new victim of identity fraud every two seconds, but now a UK-company is leading the way in helping to defeat online fraud.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/26/2014 --Shocking statistics show that there is a new victim of identify fraud every two seconds and with so many people now having a profile online, that makes identity fraud so much easier. With that in mind, a UK-based company, Https Card - Internet identity Card Limited, has created a solution that it believes will lead the way when it comes to beating online identity fraud.

The creators behind the Https card realised that although there are plenty of steps that people can take to try and avoid becoming the victim of identity fraud offline, there is still little that can be done to prevent it online, and once an imposter has adopted another person’s identity, claiming it back can be a lengthy, stressful process.

However, the Https card is set to change all of that. All users of the Https card are protected by the DMCA act. That means if an imposter assumes someone else’s identity, then an owner of the Https card can request that the offending blog, social media account, etc. can be taking down in moments.

The card offers six separate identity levels and 14 different verification levels, guaranteeing maximum security at all times. In addition, the Https card allows users to protect everything that they hold precious online such as their family photographs, texts, videos, files and social media accounts.

Owning a Https card enables an individual to prove their identity thus protecting their blogs, social media accounts, or anywhere that they might have an Internet presence. The online ID card will also prove useful for corporations, which are increasingly finding themselves victims of ID fraud.

Registering for a card is straight forward. All an individual has to do is register a profile, add their personal information such as a photo and contact details, and then wait for the code to arrive. It has never been easier for a consumer to protect themselves online.

Individuals signing up for an Https card must be aged 18 or over.

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About Https Card - Internet identity Card Limited
The Https Card service is available in 193 countries and can be accessed using 26 currencies. The company has also partnered with PayPal to help online shoppers protect their personal information. The idea of the card is to help people create awareness about the problem and seek a long term solution that is practical, convenient and shatter proof.

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