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Ultimate Deer Antler Cuts Shipping Fee for US Military Members Ordering the Muscle Growth Spray

The UltimateDeerAntler.com web store sells USA-certified spray for muscle building and recovery, containing deer antler substance as main ingredient.


Des Moines, IA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/09/2014 -- UltimateDeerAntler.com eliminates shipping costs for all the US military members, past or present when ordering Deer Antler Spray for fast muscle recovery and growth. The offer is valid only when using the THANKYOU coupon code during the customer's check out.

Although the deer antler solution for muscle growth is legal, it was banned by Amazon and by a series of sports divisions and professional sports leagues. It has been claimed that the product is giving an “unfair advantage” to sportsmen using it. The supplement is applied under the tongue to increase muscle mass in a much shorter time and with less effort than through the usual means. Thus, it deletes a significant part of the training effort.

A recovery formula used by the military, deer antler spray triggers rapid muscle development, shortening he process of muscle building. The products features high levels of IGH-1, which stands for Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 and is similar to the HGH or human growth hormone. Bodybuilders and the whole range of athletes can benefit of its action. IGH-1 stimulates protein synthesis and pushes it to maximum levels. When this happens, the muscle grows in mass and in strength, but also recovers quicker after intense effort.

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The Deer Antler Spray is not only used to enhance athletic performance, but also to speed up recovery when one is injured. For this reason, the spray has been frequently used to help US wounded soldiers get back into shape. Athlete Vijay Singh had also used the spray and has testified its effectiveness. 3-month and 6-month supplies of Ultimate Deer Antler Spray can be ordered for reduces prices. The offer is limited.

The bodybuilding supplement is made with natural ingredients and is based on a recipe that has been proved as efficient during thousands of years. The main ingredient comes from red deer antlers. Red deer are known for their speedy antler growth, which has intrigued researchers. All the antlers used to produce the supplement come from young deer and thus are abundant in the growth stimulating substance. During the manufacturing process, the substance is made into spray. When used under the tongue, it is well absorbed into the bloodstream, from which it easily reaches the muscular tissue.

The products is made in the USA and certified accordingly. Consumers have been using it to get a fit body, as it is superior to other muscle building methods. The science behind its effects is detailed on UltimateDeerAntler.Com. Because the action is similar to that of the human growth hormone, the supplement has rejuvenating effects on the body. Clinical studies have noted a reduction and reverse of the aging signs. Also, the product has been used by individuals who would lose weight. During the process, no muscle mass was lost, as it would happen with normal dieting.

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The UltimateDeerAntler.com web store sells USA-certified spray for muscle building and recovery, containing deer antler substance as main ingredient. The company makes important discounts for the military members.

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