Under-Floor Heating Saves Homeowners Hundreds Each Winter

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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2012 -- With the costs of heating on the rise, many Americans are turning towards more energy-efficient methods of heating. Under-floor heating is one of these methods and installing the systems can help homeowners save hundreds of dollars yearly on their heating bills.

There are two main types of under-floor heating systems, hydronic and electric. For most homeowners, electric systems are more practical because they are easier to install and have lower maintenance costs. Even though electricity costs are high, electric radiant floor heating can still help homeowners reduce heating costs because they make heat zoning possible.

Heat zoning is the practice of only heating rooms which are in use. “Most of us don’t use our entire homes all day long,” said one heating expert from the website ElectricRadiantFloorHeatingSystems.com. “So, it doesn’t make sense to heat the entire home equally. With electric radiant floor heating, you can set the system so the guest room is cool but your baby’s room is toasty warm.”

For electric radiant floor heating systems to work efficiently, it is important that the systems are installed properly. Further, the heating system should be put on a timer and the home should be insulated to reduce heat loss. When homeowners take these steps, then they can drastically reduce the costs of heating.

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