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Underground FX Profits System Makes 1,479 on Average Every Day for Daniel Molano

Daniel says that his Underground FX Profits System can easily turn $100 into $6,420 in just 2 months.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/16/2014 -- Underground FX Profits System has been developed by Daniel Molano. Daniel Molano claims that he is making on average $1,479 daily with his Underground FX Profits System. Daniel says that his Underground FX Profits System can easily turn $100 into $6,420 in just 2 months. Underground FX Profits is a package of two systems. Underground FX Profits main system is a trend trading system that specializes in trading the breakouts that develop when price breaks major support or resistance areas. He has also developed a trade assistant TA software for his main system. This TA makes trading his system easy for other traders as they don’t have to monitor the charts all the time waiting for the signal to develop. The other Underground FX Profits System is the Forex System X that uses high leverage on short term trades to quickly grow the account equity.

Daniel says that John Walters a tax accountant who used to do his taxes makes $900 daily trading with his system. This is what Daniel Molano says: “You know, when John Walters started out he wasn’t convinced that my formula worked. He just couldn’t get his mind around the fact that it really was possible for someone with no training and no money in the bank to make that kind of money that fast trading Forex.

But he did my taxes and he knew firsthand what kind of money I was making so this created quite the quandary for him. Eventually, he came over to my house one day and flat out asked me “Are you really making that much money trading Forex?”

I just laughed. I could see that his mind was having a tough time reconciling how much money I was making with my lack of college education and my relaxed schedule.”

About Daniel Molano
Daniel Molano didn’t go to college. He worked as coffee barista. Then he worked in the retail sales of a big box electronic store. He also worked as a blackjack dealer at an Indian Casino for some time. He hated each job and wanted to do something that would make him rich. One day while working as the manager at a rental car agency, he was watching TV when he saw a program in which a person was talking about forex trading. He looked up the name of that person on Google and phoned him with the request to teach him forex trading. After hard work, Daniel Molano started making good money trading forex.

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