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Unique Creations Hair Studios Breakthrough Protective Style with Hair Growth Secret

This Press Release highlights the benefits of a protective style uniquely designed to promote women’s hair growth during the winter months.


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2012 -- The Salon Owner Monique Deering, a South Metro-Atlanta Resident, reports that the natural hairstyle her customers are scheduling like crazy comes with a secret surprise. Monique states, “Our Clients are seeing real hair growth, every time they come back, for a touch up or Weave Maintenance.” When asked how much hair growth, Monique responded, “Book an appointment and I will show you.” Seems like Monique is keeping a tight lid on the secret, but she detailed the benefits of the new Protective Style.

- The “Removable Weave Unit” allows Natural Hair Clients to wear “Traditional Styles,” as needed in corporate environments, without having to change the texture or integrity of their Natural Hair.
- This Unit eliminates potential Traction Alopecia issues due to the installation technique developed and time spent wearing the unit.
- The Unit is also an Alternative to the “Big Chop”. Stylist can cut (1/8 inch) of a client’s chemically straight hair, every two weeks as their client's new hair grows back.
- Financial Benefits- Clients will not have to pay full price for a Sew-in for at least 9 to 15 months after the initial installation
- The 9 to 15 month ratio is based on a unit made from 100% Virgin Indian Hair Extensions which is carried at Unique Creations Hair Studios and matched with your natural hair texture.

Monique stated, “Protective Styles don't only consist of Bantu knots, Box braids and other Twist Out hairstyles for black women hair. Black hair care or natural hair care for that matter is still new and evolving daily.” Atlanta has an annual growth rate of 458,568 people, many of which are women, who are transitioning from relaxers to natural hair styles. Women, with diverse backgrounds and careers will demand unique natural hair styles. So it is the Natural Hair Stylist's job to be innovative and come up with positive solutions for black women hair in Atalanta. Monique stated, “When we first mentioned the Protective Styles we had in mind to one of our “hardcore” Natural Hair Client's she stated:” “Please tell me how a weave has anything to do with Natural Hair?" "How can a Natural Hair Stylist use weave hair as a Protective Style…?” “This was the challenged we initially faced.”

Generally the Protective Style is designed to protect women’s hair from heat, humidity and wind damage. Protective Styles promote hair growth by allowing women’s hair time to rest and rehydrate while women use moisturizers to rebuild their moister balance. These Protective Hairstyles allow women to access their scalp to maintain cleaning, breath-ability and moisture application.

According to Monique the “Removable Weave Unit” allows natural hair woman the same benefits as most protective styles, plus her secret hair growth ingredient. When we mentioned to Monique that women typically cannot remove a weave and revert back to a natural hair style Monique stated. “Yes you can… That is why we call it a Removable Weave. This is not your typical weave you wear for 3 months. You can wear it for a day or two days and remove it. We typically suggest our clients wear it for 2 weeks. Then remove it and continue their Natural Hair Regimen.”

For good measure we attempted to try one last time to get the secret hair growth ingredient from Monique. Monique’s response was, “Unique Creations Hair Studios secretly applies two hair growth products to our clients scalp & hair. One Product is well known and the other is a Salon Secret. Our Clients that come back every two weeks for their maintenance are asking… What is in my hair? My hair keeps growing and growing.” Monique continued, “With most protective styles you see one eighth of an inch of hair growth in two weeks. Imagine seeing that same amount of growth in...Well that is a secret too.” Well it seems like Monique is keeping this one close to the chest. Check out Unique Creations Hair Studios Protective Styles and let us know how fast your hair grows this winter.

About Unique Creations Hair Studios
Unique Creations Hair Studios crafted a relaxing environment for Natural Hair Clients that desired Healthy Hair Services from a Professional Staff of Hair Stylist. Unique Creations Hair Studios grand opening was supported by Henry County's Chamber of Commerce, McDonough's City Administrator and other local political officials. In 2010 Unique Creations Hair Studios relocated to 155 Westridge Parkway Suite 305 & Suite 219 McDonough, GA 30253 to supply the need of clients in McDonough. February 2011 Unique Creations Hair Studios released its 100% Virgin Human Hair line Nak'd Hair at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show. The Nak'd Hair line will offer clients 100% Virgin Indian Hair Extension, Curly Weave Hair, Wavy Weave Hair and Straight Hair at prices they can afford in this troubled economy. UCHS Currently Operate McDonough's 1st Hair Boutique. So you don't have to drive to the city or Beauty Supply Store for Hair Extensions or Wigs. UCHS offer a Custom Wig Service made from 100% Human Hair.