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United Waterproofing NJ $1 Million Investment and Patented Solution Solves Basement Water Issue

United Waterproofing is a New Jersey accredited company for basement waterproofing that uses patented methods to optimize leaky basements.


Dover, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/12/2014 -- New Jersey's UnitedWaterproofingNJ has invested over $1 million in new equipment for waterproofing basements. The company has recently come up with a new method and apparatus for dealing a faulty basement.

The 24/7 emergency service is dedicated to serving New Jersey residents who own homes or other buildings with a basement. Their goal is to identify any basement structures that are faulty and to provide these with the adequate solutions. United Waterproofing can work with solid concrete foundations. More details about the new patented method are available at this location.

New Jersey residents have been frequently facing the problem of water infiltrating in their basements. Usually this happens because of poorly built walls, but can also be because of a high water table and the pressure that comes with it. While other companies would only drain out the leaked water, United Waterproofing corrects the issue by sealing the underground structure itself.

The New Jersey company offers free home inspections to the state's residents in an attempt to identify basement issues that may lead to water leaks. It provides the most recent basement waterproofing products through its professional crew. The quality of the work, its durability and the company's respect for it shows in the 100% lifetime transferable warranty. United Waterproofing is thus focused on providing waterproofing work that lasts.

The company does not work with independent contractors or subcontractors. United Waterproofing has invested over one million dollars in its new equipment to ensure a perfectly dry basement that lasts for generations to come. Its clients will be dealing only with the company and its own workers and will not have to call for any additional services in case of flooding or similar issues.

In case a home basement has known issues, it is also possible to obtain a free estimate. For cost analysis and home inspections, clients are asked to fill the form on the website in the contact menu section. United Waterproofing also strives to keep costs down at manageable levels. To promote savings, the company offers coupons, as well as a referral program for its clients.

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United Waterproofing is a New Jersey accredited company for basement waterproofing that uses patented methods to optimize leaky basements. It can be contacted for free at 877-556-9494.

To appoint the staff for a home inspection, go to http://www.unitedwaterproofingnj.com

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