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Universal Life Church Advised Membership of Plans to Separating from Churches That Preach Hate


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/19/2014 -- The Universal Life Church today has released a statement informing its bishops and ministers worldwide of what its leader, Father Jordan Francis, described, as “something that means a great deal to me, and it should be to you as well.”

The information, released via the organization’s blog, disclosed that the Universal Life Church will be “separating (itself) from the non-Christian, no-doctrine-of-faith churches with a similar name that ordains anyone who seems to make ordination the top and only priority.”

The reason, according to Fr. Francis, stemmed from other churches that have set about attacking other denominations, including the Universal Life Church, for standing strong in their beliefs.

“(I say) real churches do not attack others or publish websites with idiocies and negative nonsense about other churches or leaders thereof. We do not resort to such behavior; as a result, we are garnering respect from around the world as a legitimate, faith based, non-profit organization and a leader among Christian Churches,” said Fr. Francis, whose Universal Life Church is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

As part of their major thrust going forward, Fr. Francis told his followers, he would be putting plans into place to protect their image and acceptance – online and offline – as they are not merely about the Universal Life Church World Headquarters.

“We are concerned about your image as one of our ministers as well. We are already far above any competitor. However, I want to separate even more so from the pack,” said Fr. Francis, who claimed himself to be a true ordained faith-based minister and appointed Bishop with succession and lineage to Christ.

Reminding his fellow ministers that they were also numbered among the Universal Life Church’s authentic faith-based ministerial fraternity, Fr. Francis advised his fellow bishops and ministers that those other online endeavors with similar names were “beneath us, they are evil ordaining followers of satan, atheists, pagans - individuals who live to hate.”

On the other hand, the Universal Life Church Bishops, Ministers and members are “Christians, Disciples and/or Apostles of Christ, part of or within our own apostolate. We believe in God, and we believe in eternal life within the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. We as Christians love all, but we will not be placed on the same level as the evildoers within this world, for our home is that of another world,” noted the Universal Life Church leader.

Another concern has to do with whether the Universal Life Church should discontinue their online ordination 365/24/7, and instead offer it periodically throughout the liturgical year during periods where ordination may be more appropriate.

“This would be of course for Ministers who seek this as their vocation, but we also would like to facilitate those persons who are simply seeking ordination as a wedding minister an opportunity to become ordained year round. Why? Because it will add more credibility to our Church, and it will treat the sacrament of vocational ordination as a most sacred act,” said Fr. Francis, who believes real churches do not hammer out ordinations on an assembly line each day of the week.

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